AIA has been offering the AIA professional accountancy qualification in China since 1997, and now has a growing network of partners and offices throughout the Mainland.


AIA has been made aware that a conversion programme allowing members of the Institute of Public Accountants Australia (MIPA) to become AIA members has been operating in China. This is not an authorised or approved AIA Course. AIA is not affiliated with any organisation or the IPA to run a conversion course and would advise any person who has already undertaken the "MIPA convert to AAIA" programme to contact AIA Head Office immediately. AIA has taken action to stop any unauthorised activities and marketing in relation to this course and will take legal action against those who commit or undertake such activities after the date of this announcement.

AIA operates one approved and recognised conversion programme in China, the AIA-CPA Conversion programme, which is run solely by the AIA Beijing Desk. AIA would advise anyone looking at routes to AIA membership to contact only approved providers, as listed on the AIA website.

Please note that members of the Institute of Public Accountants (IPA) Australia are only eligible to be considered for direct entry if they have qualified by exam and three years' work experience only. Members who have qualified through work experience alone, or through a reciprocal agreement with another body, are not eligible for direct entry. Members are required to have gained a Master of Commerce and completed the IPA exams in Australia. Evidence will be required to show that a visa was obtained to study for these qualifications in Australia. Failure to provide this evidence will result in the application being rejected. Any IPA member who has not gained the qualifications in Australia will not be eligible to apply for direct membership.