SME directors and business owners need to be a 'Jack of all Trades,' and have a working knowledge of all areas of business. But how can you concentrate on accelerating the growth of your business, if you're worrying about how to complete your tax return or your annual accounts, or perhaps you're not sure about the best way forward for your company?

"AIA members have extensive experience of working with smaller and medium sized businesses, or sole traders, partnerships between relatives or friends, family-run and owner-managed limited companies."

Working with an AIA member, can remove these worries and allow you to focus on the evolution of your business, ensuring that you have access to an accountancy and business expert; qualified to the highest standard, with the latest knowledge and information, and who is bound by a Code of Ethics.

AIA members in practice have committed to support small businesses, through offering SMEs a free consultation. Their accountancy and finance knowledge puts them in a prime position to support the develop of your business and play a crucial role in helping your company grow.