The accountancy sector and the services it provides is integral to the stability and growth of business, and the economy as a whole. From ensuring that company finances remain 'healthy,' to analysing if an organisation can afford to expand or diversify, professional accountants are an integral part of any business.

"The AIA Professional Accountancy Qualification equips you with the skills and expertise you need to succeed in huge variety of accountancy and finance roles."

Professional accountants work in all business sectors, including private practice, the public sector and the commercial sector. Private practices range from large multi-national firms, which offer a broad range of audit, accountancy, taxation, and consultancy services, to small and mid-tier accountancy firms who operate on a local basis. Accountants work across all industries, from pharmaceuticals to music companies, and it is not just the private sector and commercial organisations that need skilled accountancy professionals. Public sector organisations such as schools, the government, charities and other non-profit making organisations also require their finances to be carefully managed.

Accountancy as a profession offers a range of specialisms, including financial accountancy, forensic accounting, corporate finance, and tax consultancy. More information about accountancy job profiles can be found on the Directions website, created by the UK Financial Skills Partnership.