Statutory auditors are specially qualified accountants who produce independent, professional reviews, making sure that information collated and submitted provides a ‘true and fair’ view of the organisation’s past financial performance and current financial position.

The AIA Statutory Auditor Training Programme is recognised by the UK government and undertaking the programme will provide you with a Recognised Professional Qualification (RPQ) and will ensure that you are equipped with the relevant skills and competencies required to work confidently and efficiently in this challenging profession.

Statutory audits are designed to provide confidence to shareholders and investors, giving all the vital information needed in a written statement to make an informed investment judgement.  Statutory auditors don’t purely audit commercial organisations. They may also review public service organisations, such as charities, colleges and universities, or government departments.

Audit firms may offer a range of services in addition to financial verification.  This includes checking that organisations are meeting legal and voluntary obligations in such areas as corporate and social responsibility, IT and general business risks and health and safety.  It will then be the role of the organisation’s management to review compliance and ensure that the organisation is adhering to rules, codes of practice, business ethics, internal guidelines and principles.