Title Author Papersort descending Edition
International Financial Reporting: A Practical Guide Melville, A 11 Financial Accounting 2 6th
IAS Plus Deloitte 11 Financial Accounting 2
IFRS Explained: A Guide to International Financial Reporting Standards BPP Learning Media 11 Financial Accounting 2
Management Accounting Quarterly Institute of Management Accountants 12 Management Accounting 2
Accounting Horizons American Accounting Association 12 Management Accounting 2
AIA Paper 12 Management Accounting 2 12 Management Accounting 2
Management and Cost Accounting Drury, C 12 Management Accounting 2 9th
Management and Cost Accounting (with MyAccountingLab) Bhimani, A, Horngren, CT, Datar, SM, and Rajan, MV 12 Management Accounting 2 6th
Harvard Business Review Harvard Business Review 12 Management Accounting 2
Journal of Management Accounting Research American Accounting Association 12 Management Accounting 2
The British Accounting Review British Accounting and Finance Association 12 Management Accounting 2
Financial Accounting and Reporting (with MyAccountinglab) Elliott, BJ and Elliott, J 13 Financial Accounting 3 18th
IAS Plus Deloitte 13 Financial Accounting 3
International GAAP 2017 Ernst & Young 13 Financial Accounting 3
AIA Paper 13 Financial Accounting 3 13 Financial Accounting 3
International Financial Reporting and Analysis Alexander, D, Britton, A, Jorissen, A, Hoogendorn, M, and Van Mourik, C 13 Financial Accounting 3 7th
Corporate Finance and Investment Pike, R, Neale, B and Linsley, P 14 Financial Management 8th
International Financial Management Shapiro, AC and Moles, P 14 Financial Management 10th
AIA Paper 14 Financial Management 14 Financial Management
Corporate Financial Management Arnold, G 14 Financial Management 5th