AIA offers a number of different qualifications for students in China, an overview of those available is provided below. Please click on the links for further information.

Unfortunately there are also a number of other courses marketed in China, that are not authorised or associated with the AIA, but use its name. Please be vigilant when choosing a course and check that you are using an AIA Approved Study Provider. Click here for further information.


The AIA Professional Accountancy Qualification will provide you with the ability and understanding you need to develop a successful career across the broad spectrum of accountancy, finance and business.

The exams are split into three blocks, each of which build on the knowledge and skills you achieved in the prior level; breaking the qualification down into easily achievable, bite-sized chunks.

AIA recognises your advancement through the qualification and as you complete each block you are awarded a certificate to demonstrate your continued learning and expanding knowledge base.

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Since the establishment of AIA part-time programme in 1997, Lixin University, Metro Education and AIA have nurtured the career of many finance and accounting professionals and have helped to improved their competitiveness in the industry.

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The full-time "3+1" programme was started in 2005 to promote an interest in finance and accountancy among High School graduates in China. Graduates of the programme have gone on to become international accountants, auditors, financial analysts, and managers, capitalising on the economic progress of China.

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AIA launched the AIA-CPA Conversion programme in 2009, to promote internationalisation for the Chinese accounting professionals. AIA supports internationalisation of the accounting profession globally and facilitates internationalisation in China with this programme.

Beijing HuaBao WeiYe Management Consulting Co. Ltd. is solely authorised to conduct the CPA Conversion Programme in China, with guidance from AIA.

This course is open to all fully qualified Chinese Institute of Certified Public Accountants (CICPA) members, who have gained their membership by exam, who hold a relevant level of English (IELTS 6 or equivalent), and who have at least three years' work experience in the accounting field.

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An agreement has been signed with the China Association of Chief Financial Officers (CACFO), long standing partners of AIA, to enable members to obtain a Mainland Chinese qualification, jointly certified by CACFO and AIA.

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The AIA CACFO Elite Programme recognises and rewards the achievements of China’s leading Chief Financial Officers. The programme gives select members of the China Association of Chief Financial Officers (CACFO) the opportunity to be put forward for AIA Associate membership. CACFO will select candidates from among their elite members, meeting a strict set of criteria, and will be recommended by CACFO for final approval by AIA. Only 50 candidates will be chosen each year.

For further details, please contact the Beijing HuaBao WeiYe Management Consulting Co. Ltd., T: +86 10 8443 0181, E:,


AIA's agreement with the Beijing National Accounting Institute (BNAI) facilitirates graduates of the BNAI Leading Talent Programme to be directly admitted into Associate membership of AIA.

For further details, please contact the Beijing HuaBao WeiYe Management Consulting Co. Ltd., T: +86 10 8443 0181, E: