Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is beneficial for you as an individual, as well as to the accountancy profession as a whole, as it offers an assurance to the public that you are up-to-date with the latest industry developments and innovations.

CPD is mandatory for all AIA members and we take a supportive approach to ensuring that you are able to meet our CPD requirements.  We offer a number of conferences, seminars, workshops and online courses to ensure that members can comfortably obtain the required CPD units, and we also recognise other providers for CPD purposes.

"There are many real rewards by ensuring that your career and professional development is planned. Taking part in the AIA's CPD is an ideal way to formalise and record it for minimal effort."


CPD can enable you to:

  • Update your knowledge and skills on existing and new areas of practice.
  • Keep your professional qualifications up-to-date.
  • Raise your profile through certification and networking, making yourself more marketable to future employers.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to your profession and professionalism.
  • Develop new skills.
  • Gain recognition for the informal CPD that you have already been undertaking.
  • Increase your competence in a wider context benefiting both personal and professional roles.
  • Demonstrate commitment to the profession and feel empowered.

The payback can lead you to increased remuneration and career opportunities, building new confidence and empowering you to achieve more, and of course if done with the right attitude, it is highly satisfying.

Article provided by The Open University.