The 15th Enterprise Finance and Tax Management Innovation Conference

Event Date: 
14 November 2019 to 15 November 2019
Event Time: 
09:00 to 17:00

Date: 14 - 15 November 2019

Time: 09:00 - 17:00 (Both days)

Address: Renaissance Yangtze Hotel, Shanghai

Conference Description:

The economic pattern of 2019 has fluctuated. It is the worst year of the past decade and the best year of the next decade. It represents a challenge and means opportunity. The Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation have successively introduced a new taxation policy with the core of “tax reduction and fee reduction”. The reform of value-added tax and individual tax has made enterprises and people feel the tax reform dividend. At the same time, the taxation department actively promoted the reform of “distribution service”, and the notion of preferential policies was changed from pre-recording to post-recording. In addition, with the merger of national taxes and the escalation of the third phase of the Golden Tax, the audit storm has become increasingly fierce. Industries such as medicine, education, games, real estate, and 4s stores have been included in key regulatory industries. In this environment, corporate finance and taxation workers are facing unprecedented pressure.

This conference focuses on the impact of tax reform on individuals and businesses. The event will bring you the current situation and the turning point of enterprises and individuals in the context of tax reform. Here you will meet with industry officials, tax and tax decision makers, group CFOs, industry bulls and other industry leaders to join them in a tax feast.

CFO units: 8

Cost: Free

Day 1 - Schedule:

  Day 2 - Schedule:
09:00 - Sign-In   09:00 - Sign-In
09:30 - Host Opening & Welcome Speech   09:35 - Host Opening
09:45 - Reform is Endless - 2019 VAT Memorabilia   09:40 - The Road of Tax Reduction and Fee Reduction is Llong: Deepening the Reform of Value-Added Tax
10:30 - Refrehments & Networking   10:30 - The Audit Storm is Coming to the Fore: How can Companies Behave Themselves?
10:50 - Expanding the New Upsurge of Opening Up   11:20 - Refrehments & Networking
11:35 - TBC   11:40 - Strictly Guard Against Death: Tax and Enterprise Joint Risk Prevention System
12:20 - Lunch   12:20 - Lunch
13:40 - New Tax Journey: "Comprehensive" + "Deduction"    13:30 - Under the New Situation of Global Trade, What is the Direction of Customs Supervision?
14:25 - Under the New Tax Environment, the Dilemma of Tax Planning for Private Enterprises and its Response    14:15 - When the Global Tax Reform is in Progress: Tax Risk Management of Multinational Corporations
15:10 - Refrehments & Networking   15:00 - Refrehments & Networking
15:30 - Tax Control According to Law: New Challenges for Tax Workers   15:15 - Thoughts on Tax-related Risks of M&A and Reorganization in the Age of Economic Downturn
16:20 - Roundtable Discussion: How do Corporate Strategies and Personal Development Complement Each Other?   16:00 - Roundtable Discussion: Tax Project Management - On the Realisation of Enterprise's Reducing Objectives
17:00 - Close   16:45 - Close

Author: Yao Chaoyu

Mr. Yao is currently the Tax Director of Hongyang Group Co., Ltd. He has served as an official of the Anti-tax Avoidance Investigation Bureau of the Jiangsu Provincial Taxation Bureau. He has extensive professional and working experience in international taxation and anti-tax avoidance, and Mr. Yao is also a Chinese Certified Tax Agent.

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