2019 China Finance Leaders Frontier Summit - Enabling

Event Date: 
23 May 2019 to 24 May 2019
Event Time: 
09:00 to 17:00

Date: May 23rd-24th, 2019

Time: 9:00-17:00(two days)

Address: Renaissance Yangtze hotel, Shanghai

Author: Andrew Choy / Carter,etc

Seminar Description:

  • 15+ presents frontier hot financial topics
  • 20+ excellent CFO vision pattern and exclusive sharing
  • 200+ leading elite brainstorm and collision of ideas
  • Cutting-edge interpretation of globalization + technical innovation of financial officers = all-round cognitive upgrade and challenge for finance.

Target audience: CEO/executive director/general manager/cfo/cfo/senior finance manager/finance manager/finance director.

CFO units: 8

Cost: Free


Day 1

09:00-09:20: Sign-in

09:20-09:25: Host opening

09:25-09:30: A Speech 

09: 30: Analysis and prospect of China's economic situation in 2019 from the perspective of global economy

  • Focus on China's new economic trends and global trends
  • The development trend of sino-us trade
  • How does the "coordinator" grasp opportunities and meet challenges

10:30: Enterprise strategic orientation: thinking reform of business model

  • The idea of creating a business model and a profit model
  • Create value for financial managers
  • The spirit of craftsman helps build digital China

11:15: Top of the wave: the future of the digital economy from a financial perspective

  • How will technological development affect financial work?
  • What should finance do in a changing environment?
  • How should finance drive the AI era to the forefront?

12:00: Buffet lunch

13:20: FLF financial leaders third anniversary awards

13:30:Blockchain "revolution" : supply chain finance ushered in a new model

  • Custom sales, procurement and other core business processes
  • Social industry chain collaborative value system
  • "Blockchain + supply chain" financial application scenarios erupt

14:00: Fund in Taiwan: the new starting point of artificial intelligence era

  • The biggest enemy of financial sharing: Excel
  • A rising star: cash flow
  • Cash flow is a gold mine! 

14:30: Tea break and communication

14:45: Lucky draw

14:55: RPA "evangelist" - enterprise digital innovation innovator

  • Financial robot realizes digital management
  • Demonstration of financial application scenarios
  • Time commitment: CFO's future function transformation

15:45: "Call for" innovation - business process integration breakthrough

  • Support rapid response to business development
  • How to flexibly respond to the needs of market customers
  • Adhere to the continuity of business development
  • The challenges and risks of operating efficiently 

16:15: Roundtable discussion: business process reengineering, gaining momentum to improve operational efficiency

  • Market economy environment: reconstructing the orientation of financial process
  • Decision model driven financial process reengineering
  • Strategic understanding: the plastic advantages and disadvantages of financial process reengineering

17:05: Day one ended

Day 2

09:00-09:25: Sign-in

09:25-09:30: Host opening

09:30: The financial manager creates the financial value of the enterprise

  • The new position of financial manager: the bridge between asset end and capital end
  • How does the asset side describe the enterprise value to the capital side
  • Enterprise financing and financing strategy

10:15: Tea break and communication

10:30: "Game + win-win" -- fintech drives new opportunities for enterprises

  • Integrator: the innovation of science and technology promotes the new financial industry
  • Investment strategy: layout of intelligent investment, optimize the portfolio
  • Deductive risk management in the process of project investment

11:15: Role and strategy of CFO in investment and financing

  • Merger, acquisition and reorganization drive industry fusion and fission
  • How to use cost strategy to locate investment income maximization
  • Chief financial officer and corporate strategic investment and financing

12: 00: Buffet lunch

13:20: FLF financial leaders third anniversary awards

13:30: Accounting reform and development - cultivate "going out" high-end talents

  • China's economic and trade development from an international perspective
  • The impact of new accounting standards on financial management
  • Management and application of enterprise development strategy deployment

14:15: Drive team upgrade - the new trend of performance management talent thinking

  • How does efficient performance management help an organization achieve operational goals?
  • Performance goal improvement is closely related to finance and operation
  • "Founder" : how to better establish and optimize the performance process

15:00: Tea break and communication

15:15: Lucky draw

15:25: Empower finance - CFO leadership value proposition

  • Let the boss understand the CFO's impact on taxes
  • Facilitator: financial leadership
  • The role of a financial leader

16:10:Roundtable discussion: management accounting perspective: industry and finance integration positioning and development trend

  • Operational synergies and breakthroughs - full integration of financial and non-financial performance
  • Risk control strategy and operational risk
  • The analysis, application and decision of the integration of industry and finance

17:00: Day 2 ended

Minhong Ceng

Tencent cloud and intelligent industry department

Cfo/digital guangdong

Mr Ceng Minhong current digital network in guangdong construction co., LTD. (51% of the shares of state-owned capital, tencent shares 495) chief financial officer, and tencent cloud and wisdom industry enterprise group finance director, fully responsible for digital guangdong finance and IT, and CSIG financial planning and analysis work, mainly focused on value creation, strategic management, financial investment, business model innovation, cost optimization, data visualization, such as push to create more business value; Before that, he is tencent interactive entertainment enterprise group finance director and group financial Shared services center, finance director, will be entirely responsible for interactive entertainment work group of financial management of public resources platform, group finance Shared service center of strategic planning, operation optimization, process reengineering, forward planning, innovation and training, etc., to lead and promote the key cross-functional projects to create more value for the enterprise. Mr. Zeng minhong has more than 19 years of financial experience. Prior to tencent, he worked as financial director/director of operations in jinguang, danone, watsons, carrefour and KPMG.While Mr Ceng Minhong is senior members of the management of the royal institution of chartered accountant association (FCMA), chartered management accountant (CGMA) in the world, Australian senior public accountant (FIPA), senior financial accounting (FFA), master of business administration (MBA), project management professional (PMP) certification, the international internal audit division (CIA), international registration confirmation risk management division (CRMA), the international internal control self assessment professional qualifications (CCSA),Fields: value creation, strategic management, investment and financing, data visualization, project management, financial plan analysis, business partners, risk control, auditing, ERP implementation, etc.

Please contact Joe on email: Joe.zhang@metro-education.com Tel:0086 021 24266852.