Hong Kong Branch Annual General Meeting

Event Date: 
25 June 2019
Event Time: 

The 44th Annual General Meeting of the Association of International Accountants – Hong Kong Branch to be held on 25 June 2019. The Proxy Form for 44th AGM, the Nomination Form for Executive Committee 2019/2020, the Reply Slip for 44th AGM and the Annual Report of 2018/2019 will be sent to your via email on 18 June 2019. 

According to Clauses 6 and 7 of the Branch’s Constitution & Rules, there shall be a maximum of fifteen Committee members.  The Authorized Representative of the Branch appointed by Council of the Association shall automatically be a member of the Committee, who is exempted from retirement and election at the AGM every year and is in addition to the maximum number of Committee members.  At the AGM in every year one third of the Committee members who have been longest in office since their last election or appointment shall retire.  Accordingly, five Committee members will retire at the forthcoming 44th AGM.  A list of the ten members who will remain in the Committee for the ensuing year and the five Committee members who will retire at the forthcoming AGM is enclosed for your information.

The ten members of the Committee who will remain in office for the ensuing year: 

  1. Dr. CHAN Ying Kwok (陳應國)
  2. Ms. Chu Choi Ha, Karen (朱彩霞)
  3. Mr. FUNG Wai Ying (馮偉英)
  4. Mr. Ho Chi Wai, Savio (何志威)
  5. Dr. HO Mook Lam, William (何沐霖)
  6. Mr. LI Cheung Hung, James (李長虹)
  7. Mr. LO Wing Hing, Simon (羅永興)
  8. Mr. Wong Man Kit, George (黃文杰)
  9. Mr. Wong Ping Yuen, Fred (王炳源)
  10. Mr. Wong Yiu Shing, Simon (汪耀誠)

The five members of the Committee who will retire at the forthcoming AGM:

  1. Mr. CHAN Siu Lun, Stephen (陳兆倫)*
  2. Mr. CHIU Ho Man, Ebony (趙豪文)
  3. Mr. HUI Hon Chung, William (許漢忠)
  4. Mr. LOK Tong Man, Tommy (陸棠文)*
  5. Mr. TSUI Chi Yuen, Terence (徐志遠) 

*Committee Member who has signified his intention not to offer himself for re-election. 

Mr. JONG Koon Sang (莊冠生)has been appointed as the Authorized Representative of AIA UK Council in Hong Kong. 

Every retiring members of the Committee eligible for elections shall, unless he shall have signified to the Committee his desire not to offer himself for re-election, be deemed to be nominated for election.