You should begin preparing for the exams as soon as you register as an AIA student.  Progressing through the exams is challenging, but if you invest the time, and use all of the tools available to you, then the experience will be rewarding and will set you in good stead for your career.

The structure of the AIA exams is flexible and is designed to help you to build on the knowledge you acquire at each level.  It is designed to fit around you and your commitments, enabling you to progress at your own pace and maintain your work/life balance.  You have a maximum of ten years in which to complete the exams, but they can be completed in a minimum of two and a half to three years depending on your exemptions.

"As an AIA student you form part of a global network of accountants working throughout the full spectrum of accountancy, audit, business, finance, and economics."

The AIA holds two exam sessions every year, one in May and one in November, and your study should revolve around these key dates.

The AIA's exams are predominantly written exams, in English.