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Introduction and Benefits of Attending this Diploma Programme 

Sustainability reporting is a process that can assist a company to respond effectively to stakeholders whilst providing a platform to manage economic, environmental, social and governance performance.

Hong Kong listed companies would be subject to tougher environmental, social and governance (ESG) disclosure requirements as a result of the recent Listing Rules amendments. From 1st January 2016, it is mandatory for listed issuers to report on their environmental and social impacts. The purpose of the ESG reporting is to demonstrate the principles behind the sustainability strategies and inform the stakeholders of the ongoing activities to protect the environment and conserve energy.  

Many CPA firms and consultancy companies are providing ESG or sustainability reporting services to listed companies to assist them in their compliance with the relevant ESG/sustainability reporting requirements.  However, it may also the case that, professional accountants, finance controllers, internal auditors, sustainability coordinators and corporate executives/officers working in listed companies, are expected to be familiar with the core requirements of Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Sustainability Reporting G4 Guidelines & its principles and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange ESG reporting requirements. This Diploma Programme is developed in response to this market demand. 

By successfully completing this Diploma Progamme, you will be awarded with a Certificate of Completion demonstrating your knowledge and competence of the core requirements of GRI Sustainability Reporting G4 Guidelines & its principles, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange ESG reporting requirements, and the assurance reporting frameworks commonly applied to assure on the ESG/sustainability disclosures.

Sustainability Reporting Diploma Programme

English is the medium of instruction in the programme. The structure is as follows:-

  • Session 1 for 3 hours lecture/training (Saturday afternoon)
  • Session 2 for 3 hours lecture/training (Saturday afternoon)
  • Session 3 for 3 hours lecture/training (Saturday afternoon)
  • Session 4 for 2.5 hours CPD seminar with a 0.5 hour multiple-choice written exam at the beginning   (Saturday afternoon)

Intake & Fees

There are 3 intakes a year, January/February, April/May and October/November each year.  

  • Application fee: HK$100 (non-refundable).
  • Programme fee: HK$8,000 for the whole programme (include handouts and 1st sitting of multiple-choice written exam). 
  • Multiple-choice written exam re-sit fee: HK$200.
  • Due to loss of certificate, the certificate re-issuance fee: HK$200.

Individual’s early bird discount of HK$500 if successfully applied one month before the commencement of the programme.  So, for a group of 4 persons or more with early bird discount, the programme fee is reduced to HK$6,500/person.

Attendance & Certificate

Upon successful completion of the Diploma Programme with at least 75% attendance rate and successfully passed the multiple-choice written exam, a Certificate of Completion will be jointly issued by AIA-Hong Kong Branch & CSI to the programme participants.  For those who do not pass the multiple-choice written exam, AIA-Hong Kong Branch & CSI will jointly issue a Certificate of Attendance to the programme participants.

Programme Enquiry

Please contact Mr Josiah Pang/Ms Aby Yuen at +852 2845 4982, or e-mail at aia@aiahkbranch.com.

Further Information 

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