India and the United Kingdom have deep social, cultural and historical ties, and the British Government’s on-going focus on India underlines the importance it places on our bilateral relationship across a wide range of policy areas, including business and trade, development, education, science and research.

The UK-India business relationship is strong; bilateral trade is worth approximately £11.5 billion, with 17% of India’s exports to the European Union going to the UK. There are around 700 Indian companies with investments in the UK, and the UK receives more than 50% of India’s investment into Europe. Companies such as the Tata Group, JCB, BAE, Standard Chartered, Wipro, Reliance and Infosys already operate in both the UK and India. British companies, including SMEs, are increasingly looking to India as a place of real business opportunity.

AIA recognises the important role that India plays in the development of the world economy and is committed to working in partnership with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) to share knowledge and expertise in the global accounting profession, and collaborate in the provision of continuing professional development.