The Indian Government today announced a target to develop the skills of 50 crore people by 2022 under the National Policy on Skill Development (NPSD).

The Indian Minister of State for Labour and Employment, Vishnu Deo Sai, said the government has distributed the above target among 20 ministries and National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC).

"National Policy on Skill Development (NPSD), February 2009 has set a target for skilling 500 million persons by the year 2022," Mr Sai said.

He said the government has set up a National Skill Development Agency (NSDA) to coordinate and harmonise the skill development efforts of the government and the private sector.

The government is funding skill development activities through several government schemes spread across more than 20 ministries, the minister said.

In reply to another question in Lok Sabha, Sai said according to the survey, the workforce in agriculture and allied sector has decreased from an estimated 26.83 crore people in 2004-05 to 23.18 crore in 2011-12.

According to figures, the workforce in industry sector has increased from 8.35 crore in 2004-05 to 11.50 crore people in 2011-12.

The total workforce (agriculture and allied, industry and services) increased from 45.91 crore people in 2004-05 to 47.41 crore people in 2011-12.

The Minister said the government was promoting labour intensive manufacturing and increasing employment opportunities by promoting tourism and agro-based industries.

"The 12th Five year Plan projects five crore new work opportunities to be generated in the non-farm sector and provide skill certification to equivalent numbers."

It has also been decided to use at least 10% of Special Central Assistance to Tribal Sub-Plan, Special Central assistance to Scheduled Castes Sub Plan, multi sectoral development programme funds and five per cent of Border Area Development Programme funds for skill development and enhancing employability of youth," Sai said.