Qdos VantageQdos Vantage is the AIA’s preferred partner for Tax Fee Protection insurance. Qdos offers the following routes for practices to obtain protection for clients against potentially costly fees in the event of an HMRC enquiry or compliance check:

  • If you do not want to have a practice TFP scheme, your clients can obtain cover direct via the AIA Tax Fee protection webshop at http://aia.qdosconsulting.com, or
  • If you prefer a more traditional approach, Qdos can provide an individually tailored TFP scheme for your practice.


There are many advantages to offering TFP insurance via the AIA webshop. These include:

  • All you have to do is give clients the link to the shop and Qdos will do everything else
  • You can choose to entirely dispense with the chore of annual mailings to clients
  • Payments are made direct to Qdos so no need for you to collect from clients
  • Qdos will issue policy documents to clients, another admin chore gone
  • There is no practice-wide annual renewal date, each client has cover for 12 months from the date paid
  • All renewals will be handled directly by Qdos, again cutting out practice administration
  • A 15% practice fee is due annually in respect of every client who signs up for cover and this will be notified and paid at least monthly

You can let clients know that TFP cover is available via the webshop when you meet them to discuss their Tax Returns or business accounts, via a link on your own website, or by email or letter if you choose. Qdos can assist you to do this, whichever method you choose. Signing up for cover is a simple process for your clients – it’s no more difficult than purchasing car or home insurance online, which many clients will do these days.

For more information about the Tax Fee Protection webshop, please call Qdos on 0116 274 9123 or email info@qdosvantage.com. Please mention that you are an AIA member when contacting Qdos.


If you wish to offer clients TFP cover via a traditional scheme, whether or not you already have an existing scheme, we can set up a Qdos scheme for you with the minimum of fuss. At Qdos, we have never insisted that practices should conform to a particular approach on setting up a TFP scheme and will always tailor a scheme to each practice’s specific requirements. You can choose to:

  • Have an “All Client” scheme to cover the whole of your practice
  • Exclude some categories of clients, eg those at very low risk of a tax enquiry
  • Pay premiums on a “Client Decide” scheme only for those clients who pay you
  • Request a bespoke variation on one of the above options

We will offer guidance on what may work best for your practice but at the end of the day, the choice is yours.

If your practice is already regulated to sell insurance products, you can choose to have either a regulated or a non-regulated TFP scheme. There are pros and cons to both and we will advise on the best approach for you. Both our versions are fully FCA compliant.

The following benefits come as standard with Qdos Vantage schemes:

  • The scope of our cover is second to none, with an overall limit of indemnity per client per claim of £100,000
  • There are no policy excesses, or hidden fee caps on the cover
  • We offer very competitive premium rates to AIA members
  • We give full marketing support on all our schemes with a range of options to best suit your practice
  • Unlimited free helpline support is available to your practice on all tax issues, and to you and your clients on HR and other legal issues.

For more information about Tax Fee Protection schemes, please call Qdos on 0116 274 9123 or email info@qdosvantage.com. Please mention that you are an AIA member when contacting Qdos.