Card and James’ Business Law

Card and James' Business Law | Roach

Far-reaching and detailed, Card & James' Business Law is the definitive guide to the subject. Roach encourages students to understand the basics and challenges them to push their grasp of the legal principles further. Accompanied by an abundance of learning features and a suite of online resources designed to hone critical assessment skills.

Offers the most comprehensive coverage of all business law textbooks available, giving a fully rounded view of the relevant topics.

Legal principles are embedded within the business context to ensure that students understand the relevance and application of the law to their wider studies.

Learning features are incorporated throughout, including emphasis on understanding and making connections between key cases, legal principles, and the corporate world.

Definitions of legal terms and end of chapter questions are integrated so students can consolidate understanding of topics before moving on.

Includes footnote referencing as well as end-of-chapter further reading to direct readers to additional useful materials.

New and improved user-friendly text design and layout, helps students engage with the text.

Accompanied by an Online Resource Centre offering additional study materials to students.

Roach, L
Oxford University Press