AIA Competency Framework

The AIA Competency Framework gives prospective students an overview of the key skills and competencies you will gain on completion of the Professional Qualification.

The AIA Exam Scheme & Reading Lists (Syllabus) sets out the learning objectives and key skills present in the exams, achieveable by students undertaking the AIA Professional Qualification. In addition, AIA Initial Professional Development (IPD) is designed to provide aspiring professional accountants with the core competencies required to act in the public interest.

The AIA Professional Qualification enables holders to undertake a wide variety of roles in professional practice and wider industry. Competencies gained throughout the exam process and Initial Professional Development (IPD) provide a foundation on which Members build through Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Competencies and skills build on progression through the AIA Professional Qualification and include:

Students are supported during the exam and study process by AIA Achieve, an interactive study course guiding learning in preparation for the exams and giving access to feedback, advice and support from a specialist team of e-tutors.

"AIA Achieve is the number one study option, especially if you are working or have other commitments. The e-tutors are fantastic and the support from AIA staff is exceptional. You study when it suits you...the e-books and study text materials are superb."

Esther Alum, AIA Student