Digital Marketing Fundamentals: A Strategy for Online Success

Understand why building a strong online and digital presence and an associated strategy has never been more important than it is now for the accountancy sector.

10.30 - 11.30

Digital Marketing Fundamentals: A Strategy for Online Success


Online presence and digital marketing as grown significantly during the pandemic and for many has become their primary means of customer engagement. This has seen businesses take technological leaps forward in the last 12 months that may have otherwise taken them five years. 

With so much uncertainty it is important that business have a diverse marketing strategy that can adapt to changing market conditions.  

Developing an online strategy will be vital to future growth and development 


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AIA | Speaker Antony Worsley

Antony Worsley

Antony Worsley is a 35 year technology veteran having worked for household brands such as Sony, Lexmark and Orange working in London, Sydney and New York.

Throughout his career, marketing has been core to success so when in 2020 he was approached to join Pixafusion Marketing Agency as their Commercial Director, this was seen an opportunity to share his many years of sales and marketing expertise. 

“ I see marketing as a series of principles to achieve your goals and objectives. For many this is to encourage potential clients to make contact with you and enquire about your products and services. Over the years the tools have changed but for many the objective remains the same. Embracing the digital domain has been the key to great success for many but recently it has now become vital to survival for others”  

“ There is nothing I enjoy more than talking with businesses and what they want to achieve and their plans for the future. Helping them apply some marketing fundamentals as a solid foundation can set them on the path to future success”