IFRS – Current Key Issues

This webinar will look at the current situation regarding IFRS and the key updates relating to IFRS projects and changes for 2021 and beyond.

10:30 - 11:30

IFRS - Current Key Issues


This session will look at: 

  • Current state of play with IFRS – IFRS and IFRIC currently in force and most recent changes and new Standards issued.   
  • Update on key IFRS projects and changes required for 2021 year ends and beyond 
  • Update on IFRS reporting implications arising from Covid including the treatment of lease rentals. 

The webinar will leave delegates feeling more in control of the IFRS reporting process and also where to find additional guidance if needed. 

The global pandemic has brought about many challenges, not least in the world of debt funding. Banks and other lending institutions have seen massive lending in the last eighteen months. High Street banks have lent more in that period than they did in the previous five years! Have the rules and protocols in relation to lending changed, or is it even more important now to provide a clear and compelling case when applying for funding? 

This webinar will provide delegates with an understanding of the types of finance solutions available and how to present an application for funding in the current market. 


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AIA | Speaker David Potts

David Potts

David is a Chartered Accountant and technical trainer with over 20 years’ experience delivering technical training sessions on IFRS and financial reporting. He has presented sessions in-house for major companies, audit firms and regulatory bodies. His sessions always aim to be practical, relevant and will address the most important current issues. 

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