Living and Working with Change - Are You Ready?

A webinar which will provide useful advice and tips to apply at each stage during the process of change.


Living and Working with Change - Are You Ready?


“If you always do what you have always done, you will get what you always got.” Henry Ford 

The premise of this quote is if you want something different out of your life you have to put something different into it. If we keep doing the same thing, we’ll keep getting the same result. 

Sometimes we stay in a situation, even if we don’t like it, just because it’s what’s comfortable. It’s what we are used to, it doesn’t require learning, doing something different or stepping out of our comfort zone. We simply do more of the same, even though we might complain about it. 

This quote symbolizes stepping out of our comfort zone by doing something different in order to obtain something different. Doing something uncomfortable, taking a new leap of faith, and experimenting with risk. 

Past and current world events illustrate that the need for change is not something that can be ignored any more, it is something we all have to learn to live with and flow rather than hold on to our comfort zone, which let’s face it we all want to do! 

As change is not something we can get away from or ignore, minimising resistance and exploring opportunities that might present themselves from the natural turbulence and even chaos caused by change can be beneficial for ourselves, our colleagues, and teams as well as the company as a whole. 

Using the Kubler-Ross change curve, in the presentation we will look at change and the process we all go through during change situations. In understanding the process this model will be used to show how to make the  process of change easier, both for ourselves and for those we manage.  

The presentation will also provide some tips to apply to each stage during the process of change, enabling smooth transition by reducing the stages of resistance, negative emotional dis-tress while making the overall process less stressful. 

Main goals of the presentation: 

  • To recognise situations that require a different/new approach and respond in an open and receptive manner to changes in the work environment  
  • To adapt behaviours and adjust methods and approaches to effectively carry out tasks in situations of ambiguity and uncertainty 
  • To apply techniques to create stability and overcome personal behaviours that block change. 


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AIA | Speaker Rachel Shackleton

Rachel Shackleton

Rachel is the founder of Green Key Personal Development and Green Key Health is a business trainer and corporate health specialist. She has over 30 years training experience providing solutions in the spheres of leadership, communication, customer excellence, and wellbeing. Clients include JTI, Sperasoft-KeyWords, Apstec, and Intermedia. 

Founder of a successful business in Russia that she sold after 16 years operation to an international organisation.   

Rachel has been featured in Authority magazine, Thrive Global, Up Journey, and interviewed on UK Health Radio as well as the Rick Nuske My Future Business Show. In 2020 she was a guest speaker at the International Health Summit held in Geneva