Say hello to automated compliance.

CyberSmart provides an automated, government-accredited cyber protection service for small and medium-sized businesses - especially organisations with no specialist security or compliance teams. We work with accountants across the UK to ensure their own peace of mind and to reassure their customers that their data is being protected.

The challenge

The intensity and frequency of cyber attacks continue to increase, with the cost to the UK economy over £35bn annually. The latest research from the Government Department of Culture Media and Sport shows that a third of businesses suffered some kind of security breach last year and it’s not just the larger enterprises that are exposed. With increasing data protection legislation and GDPR penalties, many business owners face an onerous challenge. Our mission is to prevent these breaches, simplify compliance and to help SMEs protect their customers’ data and brand reputation.

Who we are

CyberSmart was born out of the GCHQ accelerator and now has thousands of protected customers and users. It provides an intelligent platform that, with the click of a button, implements and maintains recognised Government security standards which are proven to mitigate 99.3% of cyber attacks, according to the University of Lancaster. Now, for the first time using an automated process, CyberSmart allows companies to check, fix, certify and protect their organisation from cyber attack - within minutes instead of months. 

The platform is designed to be used without any technical knowledge, is both more cost efficient and more effective than traditional solutions. It also enables organisations to achieve Cyber Essentials certification through a simple and guided process.

How you will benefit

CyberSmart will protect your organisation against the most common cyber threats. It can relieve you of the headache of keeping up to date with technology changes and for users of Office 365 and G Suite, automatically add and remove employees and devices. It also provides an easy path to enable you to attain Cyber Essentials certification and GDPR readiness. This will show your customers you take cyber security seriously and enable you to bid for government contracts where this is a requirement.

Components of the platform

The dashboard

The platform consists of two components: a cloud-based dashboard and device-based application. The dashboard is used to monitor the overall compliance level. It shows the security status of all devices and enables individual machines to be checked, added and removed. It also allows your organisation to get Cyber Essentials certified at the first attempt and in under 24 hours. Guidance, implementation tips and live support ensure that anyone, regardless of technical or compliance expertise, can get compliant and achieve certification.

The application

In order to be able to check device vulnerabilities and configurations, apps are deployed to all devices in your organisation. The apps continually check and report the compliance status of the devices. They enable the user to resolve, an administrator to remotely fix issues, or, if preferred, for the app to automatically fix problems in order to maintain the compliance status across all devices.

Our Process

The platform is designed to assist organisations to secure their IT infrastructure and, if required, achieve Cyber Essentials certification in the shortest time possible. The entire process can be divided into four parts.

Step 1: We identify

Scanning for vulnerabilities reveals all issues which are not in line with the Government’s Cyber Essentials recommendations. We use technology to automate the search for weaknesses in your system, so you don’t need any prior technical knowledge. We support the identification of issues on both Windows and Mac.

Step 2: We fix

The administrator is provided with a list of all devices and their respective issues. The administrator can either manually attend to each machine or, can fix issues automatically with one click in the dashboard. For administrators with limited cyber security know-how, the platform is written in plain English, using smart questions. It offers step-by-step guides and live online support.

Step 3: We certify

Being secure is vital.  It can be equally important to demonstrate to clients, suppliers and partners that data protection is taken seriously and they are in safe hands. This can help with instilling trust and in the case of a breach, demonstrate good practice and limit liability. You also receive an official Cyber Essentials badge to use online and a physical certificate.

Step 4: We protect

Data security is not a one-off exercise but an ongoing process. Security threats change constantly. For that reason, the software continues running in the background, which allows us to provide you with real-time compliance information and security updates. Once you achieve certification, you are eligible for £25k of cyber security insurance and a year’s live support at no additional charge. In this way, our technology ensures good security practices stay in place after certification.

To sign up

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