AIA operates a policy of exemptions from our exams, designed to reduce repetition for Students who have attained a qualification of an acceptable standard. Students awarded exemptions are not required to sit the exempted subjects by examination, meaning you can start at the right level for the knowledge and skills you have already acquired.

For example, many accounting and finance degrees will give you exemptions from the Foundation Level (six papers) and Professional Level 1 (six papers).

Exemptions are not offered on any of the Professional Level 2 papers.

For advice on the exemptions available to you, please complete our enquiry form.

Exemptions are awarded when you register as a Student and you will be required to pay a fee for each paper exempted.

Students following the Recognised Professional Qualification (RPQ) can apply for exemptions for relevant qualifications attained within the past five years, with the exception of Paper 7 Auditing and Paper 8 Company Law, for more information please contact Membership Services.