AIA is an open and transparent professional accountancy body working on behalf of our members and in the public interest.

As part of our continuing effort to increase the international recognition for our members in 2017/18 we are engaging in an application for membership of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC).

AIA uses the expertise and local knowledge of our membership to inform our strategy; as part of this consultative process we seek additional comment on a stage one application document and supporting information to provide a platform for our ongoing application.

More information is available online regarding IFAC's Membership Admission Criteria and Process along with an overview of how to become a member at www.ifac.org/about-ifac/membership/becoming-member.

The supporting documentation for application, available on the right hand side of this page, provides information on how AIA meets IFAC's requirements of:

Statements of Membership Obligations

  • SMO 1 Quality Assurance
  • SMO 2 International Education Standards for Professional Accountants and other Pronouncements issued by the IAESB
  • SMO 3 International Standards and other Pronouncements issued by the IAASB
  • SMO 4 IESBA Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants
  • SMO 5 International Public Sector Accounting Standards and other Pronouncements issued by the IPSASB
  • SMO 6 Investigation and Discipline
  • SMO 7 International Financial Reporting Standards and other Pronouncements issued by the IASB

International Education Standards

  • IES 1 Entry Requirements to Professional Accounting Education Programs
  • IES 2 Technical Competence
  • IES 3 Professional Skills
  • IES 4 Professional Values, Ethics and Attitudes
  • IES 5 Practical Experience
  • IES 6 Assessment of Professional Competence
  • IEs 7 Continuing Professional Development
  • IES 8 Competence Requirements for Audit Professionals

Members with queries or suggestions should email ifac@aiaworldwide.com