What things would you rather be doing with your summer than CPD?

It can be difficult to persuade yourself to spend your summertime completing your professional development but it is also stressful to cram it all in at the end of your CPD year.

One way to get motivated is to start doing a bit of self-evaluation. As your CPD deadline draws to a close it’s a great opportunity to reflect on where you need to focus your professional development most. Reflecting and choosing the CPD that suits you best means you can better design your professional profile to help you do your job better and meet longer-term goals.

But how do you make sure you’ve still got time to enjoy the summer?

1. Fit your CPD into your spare time

It can be hard when you get home, tired from work, to find the motivation needed to do some CPD. Is there any time during your working day that you're able to fit some in? Is there any time during your lunch break? Perhaps on your commute? The more you can do before you get home, the more time you'll have to yourself. 

2. Pan ahead 

If you plan ahead it means that each week you can set aside an evening or two to carry out your CPD. If you know that Tuesday night is CPD night, you can work that into your schedule and it may not feel so arduous when it comes to sitting down and spending some time on your professional development. 

2. Break it down 

The great thing about online learning is that it is always ready when you are. E-learning is great for doing your CPD piece-by-piece. It doesn't need to be done in one big go. You can work at a pace that suits your lifestyle and won't use up all your time.

3. Think of the consequences 

Think ahead to your CPD declaration and consider what will happen if you don't take some action now. Will you be rushed into completing last minute CPD that isn't relevant to you?

At we always want your CPD to be relevant and worthwhile. Just because your deadline is approaching, it doesn’t mean you should have to pick any old CPD in a hurry. With our Pick n Mix offer, you can choose any courses that suit your needs, making sure whatever the circumstances, you’re getting the CPD that is right for you.

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