The Association of International Accountants (AIA), the global body for professional accountants would like to congratulate Gloria Murray (AIA Council Member) of Murray Asscociates on her Changing Lives Award at the AVN Inspiring Accountants Conference held in Nottingham on 12 October 2017. 

Gloria as one of the leading Accountants and Business Advisors in the UK said, "I have been in business for over 21 years and know how hard it is for business owners to survive independently and grow their business. I’ve seen this over the many recessions and unsupportive business environment of the last two decades and unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. But I’m changing that!”

Gloria was recognised in 2014 as the Most Innovative Accountant in the UK by demonstrating how businesses when working closely in partnership with a trusted expert in the numbers can stand up by themselves and by looking after the day to day running of their business she has proven there is no need for dependency on government handouts or grants, angels or even Dragons!

Recently, Kerri of Peaches Wax Bar, a client of just over two years, was approached by the Dragons Den to appear on the show but she flatly turned them down saying to Gloria, “I don’t want to share any of my business with them and definitely dont need them as Ive got you!

Gloria added, My role and the ethos I instil in the team is were not only just the clients Accountant, but also their Financial Director and Trusted Advisor. This focus on helping clients get the best results for their business means we really help them become bigger, better and more effective entrepreneurs to benefit their community, offer sustainable employment and give them the time to look for opportunities to grow!”

Next up… Gloria is on the shortlist for the Most Innovative Business Advisor in the UK in the 2020 Innovation Awards with the winner to be announced at the 2020 Innovation National Conference in Birmingham next Thursday 19 October.