The recent COVID-19 (or Coronavirus) outbreak is probably the most pressing topic on everyone’s mind. While most of us are familiar with the guidelines for how we can protect ourselves and our homes, have you given thought to how you can protect your business during this time? Coronavirus is of course the latest global issue, but there are many scenarios from which we need to protect ourselves (such as fire or flooding) and our businesses should be set up to be agile in the face of any unexpected disasters. 

The good news is you don’t have to think of every event that could possibly happen. Just follow the simple framework outlined in this guide to ensure your business keeps running no matter what.

3 Things You Can Do Today To Protect Your Business

1) Move data to the cloud

The best way to enable home-working is to have all your data accessible via a web browser. Many of us will be on cloud-based accounting or tax software already, but will need access to a local network in the office to access payroll or HR data. By moving ALL data to the cloud, we can build an office that can become fully remote when required.

2) Share documents electronically

Implementing a client portal means documents do not need to go in the post (or by unsecure email), and also means you can increase client serviceability by giving them 24/7 access to their files. Online document storage also means any employees can access documents from home, so reduces time needed to be spent in the office.

3) Adopt an e-signature platform

Implementing electronic signatures means less need to print or post signed documents. It also means if a customer wants a copy of a signed document they can log in and get it whenever they want.

Furthermore, we highly recommend that all businesses create a Disaster Recovery Plan to ensure your business doesn’t skip a beat in the wake of an unforeseen event. Download a free DRP checklist from our strategic partner SmartVault today. 

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