10 December 2019

Here at the AIA we are acutely aware of the potential day-to-day stresses and strains which can be placed on our members in the accountancy profession; especially at this busy time of year. With this in mind AIA is pleased to provide you with this insightful article from our strategic partner SmartVault, which outlines 7 ways to add mindfulness into your workday.


15 September 2014

Hong Kong's gross national income rose 5% year-on-year to $545.2 billion in the second quarter, while gross domestic product grew 5.4% to $517.4 billion, the Census & Statistics Department announced today.

15 September 2014
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While some analysts have said China is losing its glamour as a major investment destination, business insiders believe the world's second largest economy is no less enticing.

15 September 2014
Automatic Enrolment

Ask your clients to look out for the letter from The Pensions Regulator which they will receive 12 months prior to their staging date. This letter is a call to action to start preparing. Leaving it to the last minute could make the process more complex and costly. Click here to look up your clients’ staging date if you have their PAYE reference.

12 September 2014
HMRC Website

This Briefing Note sets out HMRC’s plans for providing more of their support and services to agents through digital channels. They will be working closely with agents’ representative bodies, including AIA, to explore what will work best and ensure they design new digital services that meet agents’ needs and improve the quality and speed of our responses.

09 September 2014
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Enhanced development of diversified financial services will play a big role in enhancing trade, investment ties between China and the Association of South East Asian Nations, officials said.