16 August 2019

Now that Making Tax Digital (MTD) for VAT is in effect, it’s easier to reflect on HMRC’s digitalisation initiative with clarity.

Where before certain parts of the legislation initially appeared unclear, today we’re able to identify the exact responsibilities of both clients and accountants. Whether that’s knowing how to move your accounts online or selecting bridging software to ensure compliance, all parties now have the resources to stay on the right side of the taxman come tax return deadlines.


08 September 2014

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) is committed to combating pension liberation activity. To build on a number of recent changes to existing legislation and processes, HMRC has introduced new legislation relating to the fit and proper status of scheme administrators.

08 September 2014

Most of China's listed companies have handed in their performance sheets for the first half of the year, offering insights into the country's industrial reform progress and economic growth outlook.

08 September 2014
© Mrallen | - Flag Of Taiwan Photo

Soaring prices of properties such as The Palace Mansion in downtown Taipei City are one of the main reasons for Taiwan’s rising national wealth in 2012. (Photo: Huang Chung-hsin)

08 September 2014
Night scene of Taipei, Taiwan | © Richie Chan |

Taiwan workers can expect pay raises between 3.81% and 4.35% under Ministry of Labor proposal set for Cabinet review in the near future. 

08 September 2014
Automatic Enrolment

All employers, including those with existing workplace pensions, will have to take some action as a result of automatic enrolment.