This application form is for firms applying to become an AIA Approved Training Office. It is designed to enable you to review your existing training and to help us in appraising the training opportunities to be provided for AIA audit and accountancy trainees, and to ensure they satisfy the provisions of the Companies Act 2006 Schedule 11 in relation to audit.

On completion of the application we will notify you of the outcome, and if you are successful, our Audit Training Panel will arrange to visit your office to discuss the training arrangements. This application will form the basis of their discussions. Following their visit you will be issued an AIA Approved Training Office certificate, which will be valid for four years, and can be renewed following a monitoring visit.

Before completing the application please read the Approved Training Office Information. If you require any assistance with completing the application, please contact us.

The information provided in the questionnaire is private and confidential, will not be revealed to third parties, however will form part of the disclosure to the Audit Training Panel prior to a visit.