Singapore Management Committee

Representation and Advocacy

Our international management committees play a crucial role in overseeing and advancing AIA’s standing in the accounting profession in their jurisdictions.

AIA has represented members in Singapore since our early history and the first Singapore Management Committee was formed in 1975.

The committee acts as a voice for our members in their region. It advocates for their interests, ensuring their concerns, needs, and perspectives are considered in policymaking, regulatory changes, and industry developments.

They work to establish and maintain relationships with governmental bodies and local professional organisations to further recognition of the AIA Professional Qualification and the reputation of the Association.

The committee provides expertise and guidance to AIA on local technical consultations and regulatory developments, staying updated on technical changes and developments in the accounting landscape. They also establish and maintain connections with national professional bodies, building relationships and creating opportunities for knowledge sharing and best practice.

Education and Networking

The international management committees are also key in providing additional services and support to AIA members in their countries.

The committee contributes to the Association’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programmes, ensuring our members have access to high-quality educational resources and opportunities for skill and knowledge enhancement throughout their careers.

They also forge relationships with local educational institutions, creating opportunities for members to enhance their professional qualifications and facilitating pathways for aspiring professionals to enter the field.

The committee also perform the vital function of enabling connections among members, creating a peer network that allows professionals to exchange ideas, share best practices, and collaborate.

Organising social events fosters camaraderie among members, promotes networking in a more informal setting, and strengthens our professional community by creating spaces for social interaction and relationship building.

Office Bearers

Tony Loke




Tony Loke is President of the AIA Singapore Management Committee and has given many years of dedicated service and support to AIA in Singapore, progressing through pivotal roles, from Assistant Treasurer to Treasurer, Assistant Secretary, and Secretary.

In addition to his status as a Fellow member of AIA, Tony holds a Master's degree in Business Administration from the University of Leicester and is an accredited tax advisor with the Singapore Chartered Institute of Accredited Tax Professionals, showcasing his expertise and professional standing within the accounting industry in Singapore.

As President, Tony represents AIA at Professional Partners' Dialogues with the Accounting and Regulatory Authority of Singapore (ACRA), demonstrating our commitment to fostering constructive dialogues and maintaining industry connections.

Tony's diverse professional background spans auditing firms, shipyards, multinational corporations, banking, insurance, and software firms. Presently, Tony holds a consultancy position with a registered Corporate Services firm in Singapore. His expertise extends to aiding clients in company formation, delivering consultancy services in corporate tax, GST, operational reviews, implementing cutting-edge accounting software, and conducting comprehensive due diligence studies.


Thomas Ng, BA(Hons) FAIA FFA FIPA RMC CCNA, Vice President
Thomas Ng


Vice President


Before establishing his own practice in 2008, Thomas Ng amassed extensive experience across diverse industries including Manufacturing, Trading, Shipbuilding, Construction, Information Technology, Finance, and Insurance. His professional journey encompassed various roles in the realm of accounting, providing him with a rich and comprehensive understanding of multifaceted business operations.

In 2008, Thomas founded Ace Corporate Services LLP, an all-encompassing accounting services firm dedicated to delivering high-quality and cost-effective solutions. The firm boasts a team of seasoned experts, including Professional Accountants, Chartered Secretaries, Tax Advisors, and Business Consultants, committed to serving the needs of small and medium enterprises.

Expanding his entrepreneurial endeavors, in 2014, Thomas also established Ace Business Centre Pte Ltd, focusing on providing invaluable management consultancy services tailored specifically for small and medium enterprises seeking to optimise their operations and strategies and in 2023 launched Ace Cloud Tech Solutions Pte Ltd, aiming to equip small and medium enterprises with cutting-edge IT solutions tailored to their unique needs and challenges.

Lim Tai Mong, PBM FAIA, Vice President
Lim Tai Mong

Lim Tai Mong, PBM FAIA

Vice President


Tai Mong enrolled for the AIA accountancy course in 1965 and within two years he passed all the AIA examinations and was admitted as an Associate Member in 1968, then promoted to Fellow member in 1976.

He started his practice, Lim Tai Mong & Associates, in 1970, providing services in corporate secretarial services, accounting and taxation matters.

He is also an Accredited Tax Practitioner specialising in Income Tax and GST and is a member of the Singapore Institute of Accredited Tax Professionals.

He has been actively involved with the AIA Singapore Management Committee since its inception. Tai Mong was awarded a Public Service Medal (Pingat Bakti Masyarakat) by the President of the Republic of Singapore in 1997, for his public service and achievements in the accounting field.

Jimmy Lee, FAIA, Honorary Secretary
Jimmy Lee

Jimmy Lee, FAIA

Honorary Secretary


Jimmy Lee is a seasoned professional with a robust career spanning over three decades, marked by a diverse array of roles and significant contributions in finance, management, and association leadership.

Having embarked on a career trajectory in accounting in the early 1980s, completion of the AIA Professional Qualification in 1984 laid the foundation for a series of impactful roles within the Housing Urban Development Company Pte Ltd (HUDC). Progressing from an Accounting Executive to the pivotal role of Senior Financial Executive.

Stepping into the realm of managerial responsibilities, Jimmy took on the role of Finance/Factory Manager at KimSanLeng Holdings Pte Ltd, before joining East Marine Holdings Pte Ltd as a Finance Manager. A tenure as Group Financial Controller and Group Company Secretary underscored his strategic financial oversight and corporate governance expertise until retirement in 2009. Post-retirement, Jimmy continued to contribute significantly to the industry, assuming the role of Director at Malandent Marine Pte Ltd.

Jimmy has also been an integral part of the AIA Singapore Management Committee for several years. Subsequently serving as the Assistant Honorary Secretary and currently elected as the Honorary Secretary.

Joanne Wan, FAIA, Honorary Treasurer
Joanne Wan

Joanne Wan, FAIA

Honorary Treasurer


Joanne Wan has an extensive and diverse background in accounting, tax, and financial planning and analysis, spanning over 18 years. She possesses a robust track record of implementing ERP systems for companies and excels in analytical skills, business acumen, and problem-solving abilities.

Their professional traits encompass maturity, candor, integrity, and a strong work ethic, emphasizing the importance of open communication and client-centric approaches. They thrive in environments characterized by successful leadership and a visionary outlook.

Currently working as a Consultant, Joanne is involved in various aspects of business advisory, including setting up business models, advising on IFRS compliance, implementing accounting systems aligned with business strategies, and guiding clients through mergers, acquisitions, and IPO projects.

In previous roles she was responsible for overseeing financial reporting across multiple countries, implementing accounting policies and internal controls, managing budgets and forecasts, and leading ERP implementations, as well as cash flow management, internal controls, and variance analysis.

In addition to her AIA Professional Qualification, Joanne has a master's degree in business management and a bachelor's in accountancy from the University of Portsmouth.

Lian Gan Hoe, FAIA, Assistant Honorary Secretary
Lian Gan Hoe

Lian Gan Hoe, FAIA

Assistant Honorary Secretary


Lian Gan Hoe boasts a distinguished career primarily within the finance sector of the insurance industry, governed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). His expertise lies in the specialised domain of insurance accounting, where his responsibilities revolved around ensuring precise and punctual financial reporting to the company and relevant regulatory bodies.

He spent over four decades with The Asia Insurance & Co Ltd, where he accrued extensive experience, honed his expertise, and navigated the intricacies of insurance finance. This wealth of experience equipped him with a deep understanding of the industry's nuances and regulatory landscape.

Following his tenure at The Asia Insurance & Co Ltd, he continued his engagement within the industry by joining Tokio Marine Insurance Singapore Ltd.

Edward Chen, FAIA, Assistant Honorary Treasurer
Edward Chen

Edward Chen, FAIA

Assistant Honorary Treasurer


Edward Chen is Head of Accounts and GST at CPA-Partnership Pte Ltd since 2013. He is an experienced tax and accounting professional with diverse experience spanning more than 15 years in major fields that include taxation, auditing, and transaction advisory services. He has the unique distinction of working with the top 10 accounting firms in Singapore in different capacities.

Over a period of 15 years working with PKF Group, Edward gained wide experience in assignments of a consulting nature besides assurance work such as statutory and internal audits; tax compliance and advisory services, due diligence (in mergers and acquisitions) and related works. In the past, he was engaged as acting CFO for a non-profit organization and as Assistant CFO for a tower crane company (MNC) for CPA’s client. He was also a team leader in an internal audit assignment when PKF conducted internal audit of entities in People’s Association in Singapore.

Committee Members

Anthony Ow, FAIA (Hon) MBA, Committee Member & Past President
Anthony Ow

Anthony Ow, FAIA (Hon) MBA

Committee Member & Past President


Anthony Ow has served as President of the Singapore Management Committee for several terms and continues to play an active and invaluable role as a member of the committee. In recognition of his many years’ service and support of AIA in Singapore, he was awarded an Honorary Fellowship of the Association in 2017.

Anthony is Managing Director of Anthony Ow Corporate Advisory Pte Ltd, a registered Corporate Service Provider and filing agent with the Accounting and Regulatory Authority(ACRA) Singapore. He offers a range of administrative and support services to businesses, aiding in their compliance with regulatory requirements and facilitating various corporate functions.

Anthony's professional expertise spans across a diverse spectrum, encompassing accounting, taxation, and corporate secretarial practices. His skill set enables him to provide comprehensive and strategic guidance to clients, ensuring meticulous compliance and effective financial management.

Shirley Teng, FAIA, Committee Member
Shirley Teng

Shirley Teng, FAIA

Committee Member


Shirley is Director of BKL Corporate Services Pte Ltd, a firm of Registered Filing Agents with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) Singapore, specialising in corporate services and accounting. Shirley's background lies in the construction and offshore oil drilling industries.

She gained extensive accounting experience at management level in commercial organisations in Singapore prior to establishing her own practice. She is passionate about representing the interests of AIA members in Singapore.

Irene Ho, FAIA, Committee Member
Irene Ho

Irene Ho, FAIA

Committee Member


Irene Ho is the Director of Financial Solutions Pte Ltd, a company of Registered Filing Agents with the Accounting and Regulatory Authority (ACRA) Singapore, rendering secretarial, accounting, compilation, and other management services.

Before establishing her own practice, Irene worked in several audit firms, and has extensive accounting, auditing and secretarial experience working in various commercial companies and organisations in Singapore.

Eric Lim, FAIA, Committee Member
Eric Lim

Eric Lim, FAIA

Committee Member


Eric Lim is a seasoned professional and since passing his final AIA exams in 1977, Eric has been an integral part of the AIA family in Singapore, valuing the fellowship with like-minded members.

Eric's professional trajectory is a testament to his versatility and entrepreneurial spirit. His career spans diverse roles, from serving as an accountant in a Dutch-owned shipping firm to contributing his expertise in a local stockbroking firm. In 1981, Eric embarked on a pioneering venture, establishing a successful joint venture in the wholesale distribution of electrical lighting.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Eric embodies a philosophy centred on leading a purposeful and healthy lifestyle, embracing opportunities to contribute meaningfully to society within his capacity whenever circumstances allow.

Bob Chong, FAIA, Committee Member
Bob Chong

Bob Chong, FAIA

Committee Member


Bob Chong is an accomplished private equity investor based in Singapore with a proven track record in the finance realm.

Previously, as the Finance Manager at Quantum Automation Pte Ltd, his strategic financial expertise played a pivotal role in steering the company toward growth and success.

Stanley Chong, FAIA, Committee Member
Stanley Chong

Stanley Chong, FAIA

Committee Member


Stanley Chong joined AIA as a Student, when he started his first job in Internal Audit, and qualified as an Associate member in 1984.

With a diverse career spanning nearly four decades, Stanley has a wealth of experience across a spectrum of roles in the accounting and finance sector, encompassing internal audit, financial analysis, futures trading, credit control, recruitment, sales, and management.

Joining Singapore Cables MFRS Pte Ltd in 2004, he later joined Draka Cableteq Australia Pty Ltd as Director, taking charge of their overall operations in Australia. In 2012 he retired from this role, returning to Singapore, and focusing on recruitment.

Dr Sam Man Keong, FAIA CEng FIET, Consultant (Education)
Sam Man Keong

Dr Sam Man Keong, FAIA CEng FIET

Consultant (Education)


Dr Sam Man Keong is a distinguished figure in the realm of civil engineering and construction research, an esteemed educationist, seasoned teacher, and practitioner, amassing over four decades of experience in this field.

His career has included teaching engagements spanning across Singapore, Papua New Guinea, China, and Malaysia. As an educator, he has imparted his knowledge and expertise to countless aspiring engineers, leaving an indelible mark on the next generation of professionals.

Throughout his journey, Man Keong has held pivotal roles in academia, leveraging his wealth of experience to shape curricula, inspire students, and foster academic excellence.

Currently serving as an Education Consultant for SIET International Pte Ltd, he continues to channel his expertise towards shaping educational programmes, advising on best practices, and driving innovation in the field of civil engineering education. His role as a consultant allows him to utilise his wealth of knowledge and experience to influence the educational landscape positively.

David Tan, AAIA, Committee Member
David Tan

David Tan, AAIA

Committee Member


David Tan is Assistant Manager of Corporate Accounting Services at Dezan Shira & Associates, a pan-Asia, multi-disciplinary professional services firm, providing market entry, legal, accounting, tax, HR, technology, and operational advisory to international investors.

In his role, David provides local expertise on country-specific accounting issues to help businesses manage their investments. The rapid pace of global and Asian regulatory changes requires experience and expertise, and David understands the complexities involved in keeping his clients’ accounting practices compliant. He endeavours to ensure that the services he provides helps his clients to concentrate on their core business operations.

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