Policy & Public Affairs

Representing our members

The Policy & Public Affairs Team manages the AIA’s relationships with policy-makers and key political opinion formers in the UK, the EU and across the world and facilitates influencing opportunities at national and local level. Our policies are developed with members through a range of working groups, and regular updates keep members informed of the latest policy developments.

Representing the profession

AIA’s engagement with government, standard setters, regulators and other stakeholders forms an integral part of the services that we provide for members and ensures that we remain at the forefront of the profession by shaping its future. Through consultation, lobbying and partnerships AIA has been successful in ensuring that members’ voices are heard and provide feedback and comment on all areas that impact on our members working environment, ensuring that best practice is maintained. AIA is present on many forums and committees including HMRC's Agent Support Group, Working Together, the Joint VAT Consultative Committee and the Accountancy Anti Money Laundering Supervisors' Group, Anti Money Laundering Supervisors Forum, The Intelligence Sharing Expert Working Group, the All Party Parliamentary Group on Taxation and the Companies House Stakeholders Forum.


Raising the standard

Our policy agenda ensures that AIA is an authoritative voice within the accountancy sector and assists in our commitment to raising standards. Through research and member engagement, AIA responds to key issues affecting the profession and ensures we provide members with the most up to date guidance and information, allowing them to work to the highest professional and ethical standards.

Protecting the public interest

AIA also uses its influence to ensure that the accountancy sector serves the public interest and promotes the benefits of recognised, high quality, professional qualifications. The AIA’s robust membership requirements and disciplinary framework adds additional reassurance and protection to the businesses that rely on accountancy services. This commitment to maintaining the highest standards of professional education and membership has contributed to AIA’s ongoing work with organisations such as those listed below, as well as recognition by banks, building societies, universities and other professional bodies.