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Why Choose AIA?

Whatever stage you are at in your career and wherever you are in the world, AIA membership will boost your credibility and help you to achieve your professional goals. AIA offers a bespoke membership experience, providing you with the tools, insights and support to pursue a successful career in accountancy, audit, finance or business.

Join AIA and be part of a growing network of accountants, shaping the accountancy profession and delivering exceptional knowledge and skills.

Here are just some of the reasons why the AIA is the right choice for you.

Career Progression for Finance Professionals

Obtaining status as a professionally qualified accountant is a milestone in anyone’s career and demonstrates that they have the necessary skills and knowledge to perform at the highest level. Whether you are looking to secure your first job, land a promotion, growth your practice or secure new business opportunities, the AIA qualification is recognised by employers and the public as a mark of excellence.

A Membership Pathway for Everyone 

With a strong belief that a career in accountancy should be open to all, AIA has developed a number of membership pathways designed to recognise where you are in your career, your existing qualifications, membership of other professional bodies and experience.

A Global Network for Accountants

Accountancy is a global profession and whether you aspire to work overseas or need to advise your clients about expanding their business internationally, AIA has a growing network of branches and members throughout the world that can help; enabling you to explore new trends and seek new opportunities.

Enhance Your Professional Status

Boost your career and salary potential with our internationally recognised accountancy qualifications and designatory letters, which demonstrate your enhanced level of expertise and commitment to professional standards.

Representing Your Interests

AIA’s engagement with a range of key stakeholders including government, standard setters and regulators forms an important part of the services that we provide for members and allows us to use our influence to develop the profession. Through consultation, lobbying and partnerships AIA has been effective in ensuring that members’ voices are heard and we react and comment on all areas that effect our members and the wider industry, ensuring that best practice is maintained. 

Member Benefits

Joining AIA has a range of benefits that enhance your prospects and assist you in your career, including:

  • A recognised professional qualification
  • Credibility and employability
  • Exceptional membership support services
  • World-class technical guidance and insights
  • Access to a global network of finance professionals
  • Free CPD webinars

International Accountant Magazine

Our bi-monthly magazine, International Accountant, gives you insights into the latest developments and thinking from accounting, business and finance. The publication combines news, thought-leadership, technical updates, interviews and opinion articles from business leaders across the globe across a range of relevant topics.  Full AIA members will receive a printed version of International Accountant, whilst a digital version is made available to members at all levels, to ensure you can access the publication in a format that suits you. 


AIA is an extremely progressive body which deals with issues in the profession and provides valuable CPD throughout the year. The staff are always helpful and point you in the right direction.

I really appreciate being a member of AIA and would encourage others to benefit in the same way as I have.

AIA is a prestigious association of accountants. It helps by enhancing the profile of the individual and in turn helps to acquire new work.

AIA is a global leader in the international financial community. The AIA professional qualifications are among the best in the world.

I believe that the AIA offers good value for money. It helps maintain both educational and ethical standards. It provides a means of support for members in Practice which is vital in these days where we have become more isolated at work.

*All feedback taken from the AIA Membership Survey 2021