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AIA Achieve Academy: Online Learning

AIA Achieve Academy is a fully integrated online learning platform which provides you with a structured programme of study for all papers within the AIA professional qualification. 

Programme includes:

  • AIA Learning and Practice Workbooks for each paper within the syllabus. These books offer targeted learning, at the appropriate level, which focus on the exam.
  • Study Text: AIA Approved Study Text with full syllabus coverage from BPP Learning Media
  • Online learning resources including recorded lectures and bite-size videos, structured in line with the qualification to give you optimum results.
  • Practice questions. Check-point tests provide practice questions for every subject to ensure you are on track with your learning.
  • Tutor support and feedback from subject experts.
  • Graded check point tests taken within the AIA platform to ensure that you are advancing through the programme
  • Live topic workshops held by accountancy experts.
  • Mock exams with performance feedback
  • Proactive student support from AIA throughout the course to help you stay on track.

Watch this short video to find out more about AIA Achieve Academy

Student Support

BPP Learning MediaThe programme was designed in conjunction with BPP Learning Media, and utilises a range of teaching and learning tools that align teaching to the qualification and assessments. You will benefit from the guidance and experience of subject experts and have access to extensive, relevant support with exam relevant workbooks, questions, lectures and study guidance. 

All study materials are available online and students have the flexibility to organise their study to suit their personal circumstances and progress towards becoming an accountant.

In addition the dedicated team at the AIA are here to support you throughout your qualification journey with help, encouragement and assistance. 


Benefits of AIA Achieve Academy:

  • Learn online from anywhere in the world on your phone, tablet or laptop
  • Study at your own pace with complete flexibility
  • Take control of your learning
  • Study how you like to learn
  • Structured support from AIA
"The new structure and features on the online Achieve Academy were excellent, to say the least – I was able to track my progress on the study texts and online tests that mirrored the real exam questions. The feedback from the online tutors was excellent, helping me to navigate different stages of my studies and keep up with sessions in time for the exams."
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