AIA Achieve Academy: Online Learning

AIA Achieve Academy – the future of learning 

AIA Achieve Academy uses the latest online and technological advances in learning and assessment to give you all the tools you need to study and successfully sit our exams. Achieve Academy provides you with a structured programme of study that you can adapt to learn at your own pace and fit around your commitments. You can keep an eye on your progress to make sure you’re on track and sticking to your study plan and you have the flexibility to go back and revisit any study periods or content at any time. 

Course of Study 

The course is broken down into bite-sized study periods, guiding you through the Learning & Practice Workbooks. Work out how much time you will allocate to each study period and when you’re going to set aside time to study. Suggested time allowances will help you with this. 

Learning & Practice Workbooks 

Each study period in the Course of Study matches up with a chapter in the workbook. The workbook also features practice questions, end of chapter summaries and quizzes. 

Online Learning 

Each study period includes an introduction to the areas covered and videos with an expert guiding you through the chapter, so you can follow along in your own workbook. At the end of each study period there are practice questions for you to test what you’ve learnt. The result will show whether you have sufficiently revised that content or if you need to study more. 


The workshops are live and interactive, which means you can ask your e-tutor questions. All our e-tutors are university lecturers and subject experts. The content we cover in the workshops is the latest knowledge and practice, and will not only help you with your exam, but also at work. 

Resource Hubs 

You will have access to a wealth of additional resources and reading to help you with your study and to maximise your chance of success you should ensure you make use of them. These include practice exam past question and answer papers to help you with exam prep, plus exam and subject related articles with the latest knowledge and guidance from e-tutors and examiners. 

Online Exams 

Your exam will be held online, which means you can sit it from the comfort of your own home or office, anywhere in the world. We recognise your time is valuable and the demands placed on today’s professionals, and online exams eliminate the time it takes to travel to and from exam centres. 

All of this is supported by our dedicated Study Support Team who are there to answer your questions and help you on your journey.

Watch this short AIA Achieve Academy tutorial video to find out more

Student Support

BPP Learning MediaThe programme was designed in conjunction with BPP Learning Media, and utilises a range of teaching and learning tools that align teaching to the qualification and assessments. You will benefit from the guidance and experience of subject experts and have access to extensive, relevant support with exam relevant workbooks, questions, lectures and study guidance. 

All study materials are available online and students have the flexibility to organise their study to suit their personal circumstances and progress towards becoming an accountant.

In addition the dedicated team at the AIA are here to support you throughout your qualification journey with help, encouragement and assistance. 

"The new structure and features on the online Achieve Academy were excellent, to say the least – I was able to track my progress on the study texts and online tests that mirrored the real exam questions. The feedback from the online tutors was excellent, helping me to navigate different stages of my studies and keep up with sessions in time for the exams."

Current AIA Achieve Student