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AIA Educational & Benevolent Trust

The AIA Educational & Benevolent Trust has two main purposes: provide funding to support educational development in the accountancy profession and to make a meaningful difference to AIA members who have fallen on tough times.

The Trust is registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales, registration number 1118333.



The income for the Trust comes almost exclusively from donations from AIA members. Donate today.

Applying for Assistance

Applying for Assistance

If you wish to apply for assistance through the AIA Educational & Benevolent Trust, please download and return the completed application form.

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Grants & Awards

Grants & Awards

Aimed at students who are committed to a career in accounting and finance, the scholarships are a life-changing opportunity to study for the AIA Professional Qualification with full funding from the AIA Educational & Benevolent Trust towards tuition and exams fees. 

Commonwealth Scholarships are available to fund Commonwealth citizens' study on the AIA Professional Qualification. 

A number of scholarships and UK university awards have been granted from 2022 to date.

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Becoming a Trustee

Becoming a Trustee

The AIA Educational and Benevolent Trust is currently looking for lay members to join the charity’s governing board.

Do You Qualify?

Lay members are board members, who are not members of the AIA, but individuals chosen to provide an independent element to the workings of the charity.

Lay members are encouraged to bring their different professional experiences and capabilities to the board's deliberations.


Expenses and an attendance fee will be paid.


To express an interest please forward a copy of your CV and a covering letter highlighting your skills and experience to

Our Commitment

AIA is proud to sponsor The Great North Air Ambulance Service (GNAAS) as our chosen staff charity for 2023/24. GNAAS operate 365 day/24 hour emergency service across the Northern region of Englandbetween two helicopters and two response vehicles. They rescue hundreds of severely injured or ill patients every yearcosting an annual total of £8 millioneach mission costing £4,478.


Previous nominations have included: The British Heart Foundation, Newcastle Food Bank, Sir Bobby Robson Foundation, Cancer Research, Water Aid and Bliss.

In addition AIA is a signatory for Tackling Charity Fraud, which actively promotes the prevention of fraud.

Tackling Charity Fraud

Tackling Charity Fraud

Fraud is an ever-evolving and increasing criminal threat to society. No organisation – charitable or otherwise – can make itself completely immune to fraud but it can take steps to minimise the risks. Association of International Accountants (AIA) is committed to doing precisely that, which is why we have signed the Fraud Pledge.

By taking the pledge we are showing that we work actively to prevent fraud, wherever it might occur in our organisation.