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CPD Requirements

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) enables you to future-proof your career through a programme of life-long learning. Like many professionals, AIA members are required to complete CPD as a condition of membership. 

What is CPD?

CPD is programme of learning that enables members to develop their skills and knowledge in a rapidly changing profession, ensuring that AIA members remain up-to-date with the latest legislation, guidance, standards and best practice throughout their careers.

How much CPD is required?

To meet our CPD requirements you must:

  • Complete a minimum of 20 units of verifiable CPD each year.
  • Complete at least 120 units of CPD over a rolling three-year period

Verifiable CPD

Verifiable CPD should be relevant to your work, specific to your role and there should be evidence that you have completed the course of learning. This may include courses of study, attendance at events such as the AIA's programme or conferences and seminars or e-learning. 

Non-verifiable CPD

Non-verifiable CPD would include general learning which is difficult to evidence, such as reading or self study. 

Recording CPD

AIA recommends logging CPD activities regularly as soon as they are completed on your AIA Online CPD Record and safely storing evidence of verifiable CPD for each rolling 3-year period, in case you are selected for a review. 


Only if you are fully retired and undertake no accountancy work will you will be fully exempt from the CPD requirements. A waiver of the requirements may be applied based on personal circumstances, but if either of these apply to you please contact AIA Membership Services to discuss the exemption/waiver process. 

Declaring your CPD

Members can make a CPD Declaration via the AIA website for each reporting year here.

Further information

You can find more in-depth information about our CPD requirements and how to approach your CPD planning in our CPD Guide, which can be downloaded here.