Direct Membership

Qualified Accountants

Full AIA membership is a recognised professional status in accounting and finance and proves a high standard of professional education and experience to employers and clients. It also acts as a mark of excellence, demonstrating that the individual is subject to the regulations and Code of Ethics associated with AIA membership, can be subject to disciplinary action and has agreed to adhere to ongoing education through continuing professional development. 


If you are a member of another professional body, working in the accountancy sector and have a proven track record of experience, you may be eligible for direct membership of the AIA. For example, you may be eligible to join via the European Communities (Recognition of Professional Qualifications) Directive or through one of AIA’s mutual recognition and reciprocal agreements with a number of IFAC member bodies.

Membership Grades

There are two levels of full AIA membership, Associate and Fellow, and direct entry is offered on a like for like basis.

AIA Practising Certificate

AIA's practising certificate entitles members to operate in public practice and comes with its own unique set of benefits, including additional recognition, support services and specialist guidance.

AIA offers extensive support services to help small and medium sized practices work, evolve and grow. Our members in practice have access to everything they need to ensure they operate a successful practice and adhere to all necessary regulations. 

Member Benefits

All AIA members enjoy a range of membership benefits including:

  • A recognised professional qualification
  • Credibility and employability
  • Exceptional membership support services
  • World-class technical guidance and insights
  • Access to a global network of finance professionals
  • Free CPD webinars