5 Easy Ways to Check Your GDPR Compliance | Data Support Agency

Event Date: 
07 March 2019
Event Time: 
14:00 to 14:45

Many organisations have started to become GDPR compliant, but with regular updates and changes from the ICO, how can you be sure? 

In this webinar, we'll be showing you 5 ways to check your GDPR compliance, including:

  • Discovering the common GDPR mistakes made by employees
  • What policies and procedures should be in place and those that often get neglected
  • Top marketing tips so you can continue to operate within GDPR
  • How to market to your data that you thought was not compliant
  • Processes that need to be reviewed and managed
  • The best steps regardless of your compliance status.

We’ll also be covering:

  • Common GDPR myths
  • Top “real world” GDPR tips to take away
  • Q&A session with a certified expert

Meet your Host 

Megan Kane - GDPR Practitioner - The Data Support Agency

Megan Kane is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable GDPR Practitioner who has delivered educational GDPR-focused seminars across the UK for many brands including Barclays, Santander, Peninsula and IRIS. 

With a true grasp of the real-world application of the GDPR, Megan works with companies of all sizes to help deploy achievable GDPR strategies and targets. As one of the youngest GDPR Practitioners in Europe, Megan continues to work within the compliance arena, speaking at events and hosting webinars throughout 2019.

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