Instant CPD

Instant CPD's mission is to use technology to empower professionals with knowledge.

All video streamed CPD courses are instantly viewable in your account and on all web-enabled devices. Their lecturers are renowned on the CPD circuit and all courses come complete with printable PDF course notes and PowerPoint slides. Once you've finished a course you can download and print an accredited Certificate of Completion, which counts towards your structured learning requirements.

Time is your most important commodity so don't waste it attending out-of-town lectures or all-day seminars, learn on your own time and at a pace that suits you.

Instant CPD is an Accredited CPD Provider by the CPD Standards Office.




Time to Commit to Those CPD Hours?

That is a question that can be read in 2 ways – Is it time to commit to those CPD hours?  OR - Have you got time to commit to those CPD hours?

Whichever way round you read it, there is no escaping that it is necessary to find that time, and probably better to be sooner, rather than later - before that 31st September deadline creeps upon you!

Instant CPD can help you with this as, our online training platform was designed purely for such reasons – our aim is to make it as simple as we can to assist you.

So, maybe it is time now, for you to make that commitment? Find out how Instant CPD can help by clicking the link below.

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