The Association of International Accountants (AIA), the global body for professional accountants are proud to announce the commencement of the 2017 AIA-China Association of Chief Financial Officers (CACFO) Elite Program.

AIA and CACFO have collaborated closely over a number of years to undertake the AIA-CACFO Elite Program, which sets out to actively promote international exchanges and cooperation, whilst helping to cultivate high-performing financial management personnel with strategic global vision, and strong professional ethics who have the ability to directly operate within the international arena and tackle globalization challenges.

The AIA-CACFO Elite Program is for members of CACFO and holders of Chief Financial Officer Certificate from January 2017. Through strict recommended procedures each year, CACFO select 50 exceptional representatives from their membership body who hold the Chief Financial Officer Certificate to be granted the AIA qualification of AAIA.

According to the " Implementation Plan of AIA-CACFO Elite Program", CACFO held the first meeting with seven candidates for the Elite Program on 25th May 2017 in Beijing. The meeting consisted of the Executive Vice President of CACFO, Li Linchi; Consultants, Dong Feng and Yu Chuan; and two experts from research institutes and enterprises as the judges. The meeting was hosted by deputy secretary-general, Sun Lili, and the chief representative of AIA Beijing Office, Wilson Shou.

Each candidate undertook a series of question statements, multiple choice statements, English statements and expert’s questions. The seven respondents from listed companies, foreign-funded enterprises, state-owned enterprises and administrative institutions also made presentations on topics such as China's accounting reform and development process, international financial reporting standards and overseas mergers and acquisitions.

Under the guidance of CACFO leaders and judging panel the meeting was deemed a complete success. The AIA and CACFO now look forward to the next stage in the Elite Program.