On 11 November 2018 successful candidates gathered to celebrate their achievement in becoming AIA members. Held in Beijing, the graduation ceremony recognised the achievements of candidates who have successfully completed their qualifications.

The graduation ceremony was attended by AIA President Les Bradley, AIA Chief Executive Philip Turnbull, AIA Director of Operations David Potts, AIA representative Wilson Shou and honoured guests representing the Chinese Association of Chief Financial Officers (CACFO) Vice President Liu and Secretary Sun. 

Recognising that the graduation was being held in the same year as AIA’s 90th anniversary celebrations, AIA President Les Bradley said that AIA’s original mission, begun 90 years ago, remains the same: to create world class accountants. He encouraged the recent graduates to take full advantage of the benefits provided to them by holding an AIA qualification and celebrated the hard work and success achieved by every individual. 

Vice Chairman Liu recalled the comments made by Madam Liu, Chairman of the Chinese Association of Chief Financial Officers (CACFO) given at AIA’s 90th anniversary dinner held at the House of Lords in October. Madam Liu stressed the importance of exchange and cooperation and noted that AIA and CACFO had agreed to further and strengthen their cooperation, which began more than 10 years ago, and develop management accounting with Chinese characteristics. Vice Chairman Liu further urged the new AIA members to fulfil the concept proposed by President Xi of becoming part of the Chinese dream and supporting the One Belt One Road initiative. 

AIA Chief Executive Philip Turnbull celebrated the success of the graduates and welcomed them to an inclusive family of International Accountants with heartfelt congratulations, saying that obtaining a qualification was a difficult task and members have had to show commitment and hard work. He noted that AIA promotes professionalism, adopting of international accounting standards and ethical behaviour. Recalling some of the central messages highlighted at the World Congress of Accountants (WCOA) in Sydney, he stressed the important role that accountants have to play in society across the globe in preventing corruption. 

Special awards of recognition were presented to the Top 10 Graduates.