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At Six Forward, we make partnerships more rewarding, working with accountants to provide specialist Capital Allowances advice for clients with commercial property.

Claiming Capital Allowances has become much more than a valuation exercise; often the role is to prove a client’s entitlement to claim or to negotiate and secure allowances for your client. Which is why over 250 UK accountancy firms use us for maximising opportunities and minimising risk.

We help you build trust and loyalty to strengthen your client partnerships because we won’t consume your client tax savings with our fees.

Your firm gains a new revenue stream as you receive a percentage of every claim when you outsource your clients’ Capital Allowances cases to us or we can pass that on to your clients, if you prefer.

We take away your PI risk of getting a claim wrong or missing it altogether. Meanwhile, you have more time to focus on other high fee-earning activities.  With so much to gain, it’s time to make Six Forward your property tax partner.

Start a more profitable partnership

With our specialists on your side, you could look forward to stronger, more profitable relationships with your clients. Contact us FREE today on 0800 0787 964 or email to start maximising your partnerships.

It’s one less thing for you to worry about

With any accountancy firm, it can be hard to balance your/its priorities with those of your/the clients. From staying abreast of legislation to working towards the Making Tax Digital deadline – many things take up the time you’d rather be spending looking for tax saving opportunities. After all, your clients are expecting you to help them pay as little tax as possible.  So, let us take some of that pressure off and help to maximise your clients’ tax efficiency. With a comprehensive Capital Allowances services, we can work in partnership with you and any client that owns, or is buying, selling or refurbishing commercial property.

Get access to specialist insight and understanding

You can use our decades of experience and up-to-the-minute insight into helping clients get every penny they deserve. Combining our valuation skills, detailed knowledge of the Capital Allowances legislation and extensive experience to assess the individual needs and to gain the best result permitted by law for your clients.

A second opinion is always worth it – here’s the £71,000 reason why

Because we stay on top of complex, ever-changing tax legislation, we can spot substantial savings that others may miss. When one of our clients consulted a competitor about a property purchase, they were told there was no value in making a tax claim. However, when we analysed the details and timing of the expenditure, we identified a claim for around £375,000 worth of Capital Allowances. Meaning a potential tax saving of around £71,000.

Leave it to the experts

You can rely on us to understand the financial legislation commercial investors need to know.  The Finance Act 2012 and other tax changes continue to create new opportunities and pitfalls for anyone buying or selling commercial property. But without specialist knowledge, tax reliefs may be under-claimed or missed altogether.

There’s more than meets the eye to any Capital Allowances claim.

Loose fittings of a commercial property, such as furniture and office equipment are often considered. But the fixed asset register of a business can reveal far more, including many items that are integral to the building – such as heating, water and electrical systems.We make sure these hidden assets are always identified and that appropriate tax relief is claimed accordingly, surveying and valuing every single asset in a property, whilst collating supporting information to prove entitlement to a claim.

The Six Forward edge

Capital Allowances are still one of the most legitimate forms of tax relief available. But with the Government’s changes to the Finance Act 2012, they can also be one of the most complex for the non-specialist.At Six Forward, we have the knowledge you and your clients need. With a combined 80 years’ experience in Capital Allowances, we are skilled in tax, surveying and building services engineering.Our dedicated team is on-hand with advice and support at every stage. We help clients understand the benefit and cost of making a claim before they go ahead. Then, we follow a proven process.

  • We survey and value every asset on a client’s property. Along the way, we’ll gather supporting information to prove entitlement to a claim.
  • We prepare a report that details all the financial and legal evidence clients need to process a tax claim.
  • The claim is formatted in a style HMRC expects – we can answer any entitlement queries they may have and will substantiate every valuation provided.

Recent legislative changes are making it harder for commercial property owners to claim relief unless certain steps are taken. With our help, however, your clients can receive everything they’re entitled to.

Our expertise, delivered your way

We deliver straightforward, specialist knowledge and support every single time. But with three service options, exactly how we deliver it, is up to you.

Full service

This includes a complete survey and report, along with ongoing support throughout the duration of a tax claim. Our fee can be a percentage of the Capital Allowances or a fixed amount agreed up-front.


We can also offer our knowledge and expertise on a consultancy basis, with advice tailored to the specific needs of accountants or owners. Whether that’s face-to-face, via our enquiries line, through our tax seminars or to defend a tax claim, we can be there with the right answer at the right time. Here, we can negotiate a fixed fee or hourly rate.

Survey and valuation

If you prefer, we can simply carry out a survey and valuation without defending the claim. Providing you with a complete picture of every claimable asset of a property – along with all relevant supporting information.

Get in Touch

For more information about Capital Allowances, please call Six Forward on 0800 0787 964 or email Please mention that you are an AIA member when contacting us.