Credible Communication: Understanding Colour Preferences to Enhance Your Impact

A webinar exploring different communication styles and their influence on perceptions of both professional and personal credibility.

10:30 - 11:30

Date: 3 July 2024

This session is specifically crafted to cater to professionals across various sectors and cultural backgrounds, emphasising the importance of effective communication in a global context. The workshop seeks to empower participants by providing them with valuable insights into colour communication preferences, a concept that underscores how different communication styles can significantly influence interpersonal interactions and perceptions of credibility in both professional and personal spheres. 

By the end of this workshop participants will:

  1. Be aware of Colour Communication Preferences: Participants will learn about the different colour communication styles and how these styles influence interactions with others, ultimately impacting on their perceived credibility.
  2. Have Identified their Personal Communication Style: Attendees will gain insights into their own colour communication preferences and how these may affect their credibility.
  3. Understand the need to Flex Communication Style for maximum impact and credibility: Participants will consider how they may adapt their communication styles to engage more effectively with a diverse audience.
  4. Know that Colour Communication preferences impact perception of Credible Communication Across Cultures: Attendees will reflect on how to communicate credibly across different cultures and backgrounds, enhancing their professional relationships.


Gemma Toner

A speaker, consultant, coach and content creator, Gemma Toner has dedicated her entire career to helping people in organisations around the world to 'reframe their game', push past their limiting beliefs and commit to new possibilities. Gemma’s approach enables stellar results by unlocking the full potential of people through expert coaching, and the design and delivery of impactful workshops and programs. 

Gemma is certified in a range of approaches including Leadership Circle Profiling Belbin team roles, C-Me psychometric profiling, NLP, and Barrett Values Assessments.