Spotlight: Invoice processing under tax inspections (China)

A review of current tax inspection trends and processes


Spotlight: Invoice processing under tax inspections


This event will consider: 

  • Are there any key target industries in the current tax bureau inspection? Is it industry-specific? What are the current inspection hotspots?
  • How to minimise tax risk
  • Common mistakes and how to rectify unintentional errors

Target audience: Directors, managers, supervisors, Chief tax officer/managers

CFO units: 5

Cost: Free


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Tel: 0086 021 24266860



Mr Liu

Mr Liu has 30 years of tax work experience. He has successively served as tax administrator, consultant, inspector, deputy director and director. Since 2012, he has served as a tax lecturer to train various tax inspection skills and practical operation for inspectors and departments. He has established extensive contacts with the inspection departments of various tax bureaus and the municipal public security economic investigation department, and has vast practical experience.