Teambuilding, Leadership & Mindset: Unlock Your Potential

A webinar explaining how to apply teambuilding and leadership skills to your organisation, and unlock your potential with a positive mindset.

10:30 - 11:30

Date: 13 December 2023

The presentation will give you a flavour of how Bolu went from professional rugby league to the packaging industry to sitting on a committee supporting the first female metropolitan combined Mayor in the U.K and entrepreneurial investments at home and abroad.  

And also how he changed every aspect of his life during Covid19 and embraced the full mindset and skills he used as a young 18 year old sportsman to create a brand new exciting journey which continues to expand and grow. Bolu’s background will show you the compound impact of little decisions made with a longer term vision for success and continuing to put personal development and individual responsibility at the forefront of your thoughts. 

He will talk about building teams and growth and what his hundreds of hours with leaders throughout a range of sectors has done to foster his leadership consultancy and complemented his experience and qualifications and how he continues to listen and meet owners and directors who add and update his views on what leadership and management in this current climate looks like.  

It will show you how you can positively transfer a range of skills to tackle a multitude of world problems, well beyond the environment the skills were created in.  

Bolu will discuss the benefits of how he has embraced the unique ability of different people from varying backgrounds to change the world if they work in tandem and the necessary leadership required.

Bolu will give great examples of how his unique background has supported other organisations thrive and how complementary skills, experiences and backgrounds knit like a jigsaw to strengthen and turn good to great. He will also discuss how too many like minded backgrounds and views can’t see the wood for trees.  

An overview of how he has built unique relationships with people with complementary skills, backgrounds and outlooks but with shared values and visions for the future.  

The presentation will cover how the unique qualities from the sports environment have fuelled success in leadership and entrepreneurship and how he passes some of these learning along to non-sports people in a way that they can relate to and build into their own self-leadership and organisational journey.

Learning Outcomes

  • Specific high performance habits transferable from sports  
  • Leadership  
  • Building the best team for your organisation  
  • Building a brand that shows others who you are  
  • Resilience and relentless attitude to growth  
  • Diversity of ideas and backgrounds to foster the best outcomes for organisations.




Bolu Fagborun

Bolu Fagborun is a former professional rugby league player with Huddersfield Giants, Sheffield eagles and Rochdale hornets. He played internationally for Nigeria and managed the Nigeria National team to success in the Middle East and Africa competition in Ghana 2022. 

He’s the Managing Director at Fagborun Limited, he’s successfully transitioned to a provider of bespoke transformational executive coaching and consultancy specialising in leadership both for emerging talent and executives in high growth and highly skilled industries like tech, digital and consultancies. 

He is one of the sports voices on the West Yorkshire Mayor / combined authority culture, heritage and sports committee, working on the first ever West Yorkshire Mayors pledges to the 2.3 million people in this region. He is also on the leadership group for the West yorkshire chamber of commerce in Leeds. 

Bolu is a Non-exec at Bradford Bulls, one of a handful of Corporate Social Responsibility Directors in professional rugby. He is also a trustee at two sports charities Bradford Bulls foundation and East Bierley Community Sports Association (Ebcsa).  

He has Business investments ranging from property, transport, landscaping gardening and farming.