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The Association of International Accountants virtual event ‘How to be an Ethical Accountant’ provided practical advice and actionable insights on ethical considerations for accountants.

Over 500 accountants registered for the event, which was presented by Professor Chris Cowton from the Institute of Business Ethics. Chris expertly navigated delegates through the professional ethics landscape, discussing current trends and challenges in ethics and answering questions such as:

  • Why does ethics matter?
  • What do we mean by professional ethics?
  • What are the challenges to being ethical?
  • How can we make ethical decisions?
  • How can we promote ethical behaviour in our organisations?
  • What might an ethical accountant look like?

In times of turbulence and complexity such as we are experiencing, it is even more important to have a ‘true north’ to navigate by. A strong ethical compass can help us steer the right course – but we need to know how to use it. That’s not always easy.

 Ethical compliance is key to maintaining public confidence in the accountancy profession and forms an integral part of the AIA’s membership requirements. Members who were unable to attend the event, can purchase the webinar recording from the AIA Shop.

For more information about ethics in the accounting profession or to use the IBE “Just say no” toolkit visit the AIA’s Professional Ethics for Accountants resources.