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A complete AML solution for accountancy firms

Created in partnership with supervisory bodies, AMLCC’s online platform features every tool that accountants and bookkeepers need to stay anti-money laundering compliant. And makes it easy to do so.

AMLCC offers:

  • Comprehensive online AML training for your MLRO & employees
  • Audit trail for all training
  • 100% customisable firm-wide policy & risk assessment
  • Quickly create client risk assessments (with optional reusable client profiles)
  • Audit trail for all risk assessments
  • Suspicious activity reporting & audit trail
  • Sanctions compliance
  • Live risks and mitigations dashboard
  • Automatic legislation updates
  • Instant proof of your compliance with document storage & management
  • Free software support line

Because all of this is online and in one place, an AMLCC subscription could make your firm significantly more productive*, as well as give you the peace of mind that you’re totally AML compliant.

As an AIA member you can access the standard AMLCC package free of charge. The standard package includes your MLRO and three members of staff. Additional users can be added at a small additional cost.

AIA will send you a discount code along with your practising certificate. This code can be redeemed when ordering or renewing the AMLCC product. If you’re an existing subscriber to AMLCC, please retain the discount code and redeem it when renewing your AMLCC subscription.

To subscribe to AMLCC click here.

If you’ve misplaced your discount code please email

AMLCC also has a PAYG complete digital client onboarding service. It’s quicker, easier & more accurate than doing it yourself.                                       

Make sure that your client’s identity exists & that they are who they claim to be - without meeting them in person.                                               

AMLCC will digitally:                                         

  • Biometrically check a client’s passport or driving licence
  • Liveness check: capture 4 images of your client to match to identification • Proof of address: confirm documents are legitimate
  • Save a copy of passport or driving licence & proof of address
  • Check addresses linked to the individual & check the electoral roll
  • Politically Exposed Person (PEP) & deceased person check
  • Sanctions & watch list check
  • Automatically create a compliant audit trail

You can buy checks as you need them, on a Pay As You Go basis, either individually or in bulk. They’re valid for 3 years, so you don’t have to worry about your checks expiring before you use them.

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