Forensic Accounting

An introduction to forensic accounting which will cover the use of data analytics in forensic engagement, the impact of the pandemic and more.

10.30 - 11.30

Forensic Accounting


This webinar will cover the following session areas: 

  • An introduction to forensic accounting  
  • The increased focus on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) 
  • The use of Data Analytics in Forensic engagements 
  • The impact of the pandemic on Forensic Accounting  
  • Case studies 
  • Q&A 


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AIA | Speaker Manish Chudasama

Manish Chudasama

Manish started his career in finance working mainly in the aviation industry with experience in the costing of research and technology projects for an aircraft manufacturer, and financial accounting for an airline. Also, he completed a short stint at the Cabinet office in fraud policy. 

Manish joined Grant Thornton Forensic Investigation Services team in September 2021. Since then, he has worked on a variety of disputes and investigations.

AIA | Speaker Louise Howard

Louise Howard

Louise began her career in Finance in the Banking sector and completed a three-year Finance & Business Management graduate scheme with J.P. Morgan. During the three years, Louise gained experience in project management, product control and business management. 

Louise joined the Grant Thornton Forensic Investigation Services team in August 2021. Since then, she has worked on a variety of investigations.

AIA | Speaker Kate Wheeler

Kate Wheeler

Kate started her career working in public sector audit, working with large borough councils and NHS bodies mainly, alongside some private businesses. 

In 2018 she joined Grant Thornton’s Forensic Investigation Services team and since then she has worked on a variety of investigation, financial crime, forensic due diligence and Anti-bribery and Corruption engagements. 

Kate is involved in the planning and execution of the matters in which she is involved, and has experience in preparing reports for a broad range of clients, including corporate clients, financial institutions and corporate service providers.