Future-Proof Your Practice With Carbon Accounting

A webinar to help accountants understand the emerging demands of carbon reporting from their SME clients.

10:00 - 11:00

Learning objectives

In partnership with AIA, Trace is helping accountants to understand the emerging demands of carbon reporting from their SME clients. Setting and reaching net zero targets starts with carbon accounting and we have the tools to power you and your firm with this service.

In our session, we will cover:

  • The role of accountants in reaching net zero targets
  • How to measure the carbon footprint of your accounting firm
  • How to measure the carbon footprint of your SME clients
  • Why carbon is a business risk for your SME clients and how you can help them manage it
  • The role of carbon accounting software in helping your firm to secure the revenue, client retention and employee engagement benefits of net zero


  • Every SME will soon be required by their clients to report on their carbon emissions and plans to decarbonise
  • Trace is a simple platform to help your clients measure and manage emissions
  • Engaging employees in your sustainability plans will enhance your employer brand and is essential to achieve net zero
  • Top initiatives that every SME should be planning to reduce their emissions
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Joanna Auburn

Joanna (Founder & CPO) has spent her career across sustainability and product. She has a first class Masters in Civil and Structural engineering and began her career in the UK’s first retail energy provider. She has 10 years’ experience in product development building & scaling products globally. At Trace, Jo leads our product development and UK go- to-market.

Taylor Fox-Smith

Taylor is an experienced commercial leader and a fierce advocate for the role of accountants in a cleaner future. With her legal background and experience developing standards, Taylor sees accountants as the trusted advisor who can power emissions measurement at scale. Taylor’s area of expertise includes climate-related disclosure, carbon accounting software, sustainability reporting and climate risk management for SMEs.