How AI is Impacting the Accounting Profession & How You Can Benefit

A webinar guiding you through the immediate and long-term changes AI is bringing to the industry, and how you can adapt and thrive.

10:30 - 11:30

Date: 26 June 2024

Explore the transformative power of AI in the accounting profession with Shane Lukas in this enlightening webinar. From task automation and data analysis enhancements to new client advisory opportunities, uncover the multifaceted impact of AI on your practice. 

Shane will guide you through the immediate and long-term changes AI is bringing to the industry, helping you pinpoint which aspects of your role will evolve. Learn how to adapt and thrive, leveraging AI as a powerful ally to stay ahead and remain relevant to your clients. 

Featuring real-life examples and case studies, this session will demonstrate how leading accountants and firms are already harnessing AI to achieve remarkable results. Engage directly with Shane using the chat-box, ask questions, and share your insights and concerns in real-time. 

Discover the AI tools that can revolutionise your practice, with Shane providing hands-on demonstrations and practical advice on integrating these technologies. Embrace the exciting future that AI offers to accountants ready to welcome change and innovation.



Shane Lukas

Over the past 25 years, through his global coaching and training business, Shane Lukas and his team of experts have helped more than 4000 accountants globally to double, treble and even exponentially grow their revenue and profits and, to make their accounting business more fun and less time intensive.  

He is an International Coach, Trainer, an energising and inspiring keynote speaker and has authored many international best-selling books for business owners and accountants.  

Through his business AVN, Shane and his team inspires and teaches accountants around the world to run a better business first and foremost and then teaches those accountants how to help their clients run a better business so that everyone gets to win in business and life.