Take Your Accounting Practice From Mildly To Wildly Profitable, Enjoyable And Fulfilling

A webinar to help professional accountants to excel in their career by raising profits and reducing pressure.


Running an accounting business is hard. When you trained to be an accountant, they never taught you how to build a profitable business that works for you, on your terms. 

You’ve been learning the hard way, perhaps using the competition as a benchmark for your prices and your website. 

Are you living the dream? Or are you working more hours than you’d like to for less income that you deserve? 

You’re a professional Accountant and you deserve better. 

Shane passionately believes that Accountancy is a noble profession that can make a profound difference and deserves to be very well rewarded for doing so. 

In this session, Shane Lukas will share with you… 

  • 7 reasons why accountants struggle to grow without adding to hours and pressures. 
  • How to make your services more attractive to even the most price sensitive clients. 
  • 3 steps to raise your profits whilst reducing the pressure of running an accounting practice.

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Shane Lukas

Over the past 25 years, through his global coaching and training business, Shane and his team of experts have helped more than 4000 accountants globally to double, treble and even exponentially grow their revenue and profits and, to make their accounting business more fun and less time intensive. 

He is an International Coach, Trainer, an energising and inspiring keynote speaker and has authored many international best-selling books for business owners and accountants. 


Shane’s Story… 

Shane has seen too many business owners suffer, working silly hours and earning barely enough. They don’t get to live the life they want to including quality family time which impacts relationships. 

Shane was once in this position himself, it bothered him that he wasn’t able to spend the time he wanted with his wife and children. It felt like it was business OR family. 

Shane made eventually made the decision that he would make his business work for him instead of the other way around so he could have both business and family time and he did exactly that. 

As he can’t help every business out there achieve the same, Shane believes that accountants are best placed to help business owners improve the way they run their business. 

But, whilst many accountants would love to help in more ways, many are also stuck in the rat race, churning out accounts for barely profitable fees and often lack the time, knowledge and credibility to help clients. 

Through his business AVN, Shane and his team inspires and teaches accountants around the world to run a better business first and foremost and then teaches those accountants how to help their clients run a better business so that everyone gets to win in business and life. 


Listen to Shane speak on the Tedx Stage here… 



Shane’s latest best selling books for accountants… 

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