Why ESG Values Are Integral To Future Economic Sustainability

Final part of the sustainability workshop series where we will examine ESG, and why their values are integral to future economic sustainability.

12:30 - 13:30


Final part of the sustainability workshop series where we will examine ESG, and why their values are integral to future economic sustainability.

Topic 1: Recap from previous sessions

Recap session 1 and session 2.

Topic 2: ESG risks and opportunities 

Compliance costs, Technology, Market, Reputation, Acute and Chronic effects of Climate Change, Biodiversity Loss, Irresponsible Buying and Selling and Societal Breakdown. GRI sector reports and resources. SASB materiality map

Topic 3: Evaluation of financial impacts 

Where can these changes come from: Investors, Governments, Consumers, Staff, Customers, Society, The Environment itself, Technology, Economic drivers. UKCIP – BACLIAT workshop:  Markets, Logistics, Process, Finance, People, Premises. 

Topic 4: ESG reporting

Why ESG puts a business ahead of the issues and makes the finances more resilient.


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AIA Speaker l Peter Ellington

Dr Peter Ellington

Peter is the founder and CEO of Triple Bottom Line Accounting (TBLA), a rapidly growing accountancy practice that supports SMEs with Compliance and Advisory solutions.

He is an Associate Professor in Accounting at the University of East Anglia, where he teaches Accounting for Sustainability on the MBA programme. He recently completed a Doctorate in Education, which criticises the state of accounting education, arguing that it needs to develop to include the increasing needs of the environment and society.

Peter is focused on the latest developments in Accounting for Sustainability and is a thought leader on how accountancy develops to address the climate crisis.

Andrea Finegan

Andrea has a number of non-executive roles, including Chair of the Schroders Greencoat valuation committee, an investment manager in the renewable energy sector with c. £9bn under management.  She is also Non-Executive Director of Pantheon Infrastructure PLC from IPO and consultant to Sequoia Economic Infrastructure Income Fund (a FTSE 250 Investment Trust) Board’s Risk and ESG Committees.

Andrea is a fellow of the Institute of Directors. She has spent 30 years in investment banking and investment management for European financial institutions. She is a visiting fellow at the University of East Anglia, where she teaches Sustainable Finance on the Executive MBA programme. Andrea has an MBA in Strategic Carbon Management.





AIA Speaker l Fran Ellington

Fran Ellington

Fran works at Triple Bottom Line Accounting (TBLA), an Accountancy practice that is helping SMEs adapt to the challenges of Climate Change and Environmental and Social issues.

She has successfully launched the TBLA Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) impact service. Fran runs workshops and consults with SMEs to initiate their net zero strategy. She is teaching sustainability on a Net Zero Leaders Level 7 apprenticeship. She is a member of the Norfolk Business Climate Leaders Advisory Board.